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A generic graphics dumping tool, based on the elusive program GGD

TiledGGD - basically it’s GGD (General Graphical Dump tool), with some extra features: Currently working (extra) features:

  • Support for tiled graphics (tiles of any size) and palettes (tile sizes are restricted, because they need to fit a 16*16 grid)
  • Copy visible graphics and palette directly to clipboard
  • ‘Go To Offset’ functionality
  • Toggle Endianness of graphics and palette separately
  • Save the entire graphics
  • Built-in NCGR/NCBR and NCLR support (I’m not using all the data from the files, so there are most likely still some bugs)
  • Lua plugin support

Features currently being worked on:

  • Support for files compressed via the default DS/GBA algorithms

Planned features:

  • Palette edit function
  • Support for planar & composite pixel formats
  • Different layout options, including a scrollable graphics window when the graphics are too large for it.
  • Support for tile maps


User Review Information

Lua fix on 64bit systems

Reviewed By: torridgristle on 24 Mar 2018

For the review, TiledGGD is great. It’s fast and easy to go through different formats and figure out what something is. There’s two flaws with its features, one small which is solved in TiledGGD PE, and one big that you can solve on your own.

First, little-endian and big-endian are swapped in the menus. That is, when you select little, you’re using big. It works just fine but keep that in mind if you need to use that information in something else.

Second, the Lua plugins don’t work on 64-bit. It’ll give an error message along the lines of System.BadImageFormatException Could not load file or assembly LuaInterface. This can be solved with the program CorFlags which is used to set the 32-bit flag in the PE header so that Windows will properly load the 32-bit DLLs for Lua. The command is CorFlags.exe /32bit+ TiledGGD.exe

Since fixing that issue with the 32-bit flag, I’ve been able to make functioning and satisfyingly simple plugins to quickly load some formats from a game I was looking into, it really made TiledGGD like five times better.

Version Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Lua fix on 64bit systemstorridgristle24 Mar 20182.0.3.0Yes
Pretty goodVideogamer55508 Sep 2011N/AYes
Excellent tool!Esco21 Dec 2009N/AYes