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SMB Title Screen Editor

Game Specific


A title screen editor for Super Mario Bros. GUI is in Japanese. English readme created by AP.


User Review Information

Pretty Good!

Reviewed By: Super Boi on 16 Mar 2018

I like how simple it is to use this program. You just have to click a tile, and then click a spot on the title. But the program is gibberish, so you won’t be able to understand the program. Unless you speak gibberish (XD). You should use this if you like simple programs.

Version 0.20 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pretty Good!Super Boi16 Mar 20180.20Yes
Nice jobszemigi27 Feb 20180.10Yes
Love thisTeeporage77730 Dec 20170.10Yes
Sorta...TheProGamer199129 Nov 20150.10Yes