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Ms. Pac-Man's Lost Levels

Hack of Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)


Namco’s version of Ms. Pac-Man on the NES is not as faithful to the arcade version as Tengen’s, but it does feature 4 new mazes not seen anywhere else. Per The Cutting Room Floor website, there are actually 17 mazes total in the game data, but only 8 are playable - variations of the 4 original arcade ones, and the aforementioned 4 new ones. This patch replaces the first 12 stages with the 4 new mazes in the game as well as 8 of the inaccessible ones. Not included is a stage that’s simply an open room with no internal walls. In addition, the number of starting lives is changed from 3 to 9. Stages from 13-32 are unaltered. Special thanks to the utilities Game Genie Guy and Blinky for the ability to load and extract the mazes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ms. Pac-Man (U) (Namco).nes
  • CRC32: 480FF69C
  • MD5: 458B0B7A3EABC4CF6F828ECD86B73A80
  • SHA-1: BD16DEA7EB7C1BF3FA7E63D977CCC9E29DAB3174
  • SHA-256: C47FFE87736F5BC98049D9FF955077D4443ACB516DBE24E5C9612B615EEBCFE2




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User Review Information

Much Better than the Original in Every Way!

Reviewed By: Ziko on 03 Mar 2018

At this point, it would sound like a broken record to bash the NES port of Ms. Pac-Man because of it’s missing content and issues. Not only does this hack restore it to arcade perfection, but also makes it better in some areas to the Tengen port. Graphically, it’s probably the sexiest compared to its predecessor with bright colors, the perfect accuracy of Ms. Pac-Man herself, and even the touch with the fruit being brightly colored. The restored levels are fun as well and held my attention for a bit. The game more or less is complete and I recommend this instead of the neutered, tasteless port.

As noted, in the post for this the first 12 stages are replaced with not only 4 new mazes specifically for this version of the game, but 8 ones that were left in the code but not used at all. The game is also much easier with 9 lives instead of 3 at the beginning as 3 is just so little and takes a lot of points to earn more and good luck doing that as the game’s pace speeds up in later levels.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Much Better than the Original in Every Way!Ziko03 Mar 20181.0Yes