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Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within

Hack of Final Fantasy II


This romhack is a redesign of the original Final Fantasy IV game, focusing mostly on a revamped story and rebalanced gameplay. A lot of development time went into ensuring that the game was challenging and engaging to all playstyles.

Hack features

  • Character and Enemy stat, AI, and drop adjustments.
  • Spell lists and learned spell levels have been adjusted for most characters.
  • Several spells have had their power/accuracy/elements/cast time adjusted in an effort to make all spells serve a purpose. Some spells removed. Some spells added.
  • Summons revamped or altered.
  • Several new abilities have been changed/added/re-introduced to the game.
  • Equipment overhauled including new accessories which behave like relics from later games. Crow!’s TLD Equipment Screen mod makes the equipment menu far more informational. A Weapon/Armor Chart is also included for viewing items outside of the game.
  • Several characters are capable of equipping different weapon types. These weapon types offer differing styles of gameplay intended to allow the player to hybridize certain characters. Different weapons grant different stat bonuses.
  • Fat Chocobos no longer require an item to summon. They can be found in most small chocobo forests as well as a few other places.
  • Many dialogue and naming changes to coincide with later releases and easier reading.
  • Nearly every dialogue box in the game was edited or completely altered. Proper English is now used in most cases, and the characters should display more personality with their new dialogue.
  • Events occur in a different order from the original game almost right from the start!
  • A number of sidequests have been added at roughly the 2/3 point of the game which provide a break from the action as well as VERY lucrative rewards.
  • Y-button dashing, increased menu speed, and ATB bars visible in battle courtesy of Myself086!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • File MD5: 27D02A4F03E172E029C9B82AC3DB79F7
  • File SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E2BDF3E26
  • File CRC32: 23084FCD




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RynzerHackingMod author
dee_ehnHackingHacking assistance
chillyfeezHackingHacking assistance & Critical Hit Fix patch
Grimoire LDHackingCritical Hit Fix patch
b0ardfaceHackingHacking assistance
Myself086HackingHacking assitance & Dash/Menu speed/ATB patch
Crow!HackingTLS Equipment Screen mod
Dragoon ZEROHackingLong Range Fix patch

User Review Information

A totally new take on FFIV, fun!

Reviewed By: tampa03cobra on 17 Jan 2018

The very first JRPG I had the privilege of playing was Final Fantasy II (IV). I was 7 years old living in barren, cold South Dakota and I went to a video store called Video Mania to rent a game. This was almost an hour drive from my house, so it was a huge deal being able to play it… I can’t tell you how magical it was for me when the first time I fired it up I found a game that was so rich in story, music and adventure.

Now fast forward to 2018, I am an adult, with a family, and have seen a sad decline of games where graphics and derp derp call of mcdonalds 21 is the best game evar111!!!!11 is the design philosophy of most games it seems. I recently got a MiniSNES but the problem remained that I was simply replaying games I had already beaten 1000 times. After some quick googling about FFIV romhacks (I remember hearing the term some time ago in a random article somewhere) I found this.

With some tweaking I was able to get this hacked rom installed on my MiniSNES classic under retro arch. I booted it up and for a moment was thinking (oh this is going to be the same thing, with different text in the box).. well lets just say within about 2 minutes when Cecil gets the Mysidia I was fairly confident this adventure was going to be different. Suddenly I was that kid back in South Dakota, in my basement playing FFII for the first time.

I just beat the game today 1/17/2018 and I have to really give props to the author/team that put this together. This was such a refreshing and well balanced take on the game. The RNG was a little asshattish with the random encounters (long spurt with none, then one and two steps later another consistently) but was overall very fair. I was most impressed with the difficulty, nothing was impossible, but each battle especially early on, you had to give it your all or you were dying, no just hitting A on fast forward.

Story 10/10 (beginning and ending were both stand outs from the overall good story) Music 10/10 (assuming it uses original music score, but the way it was placed was well done) Pacing 10/10 (every boss battle required making intelligent but fair choices)

The itemization of the game was interesting as well, I wish all rom hacks were done this superbly, great work!

Version 1.07d Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Cool new story. I didn't even know something like this was possible.firedropdl18 Sep 20201.08Yes
A very interesting take on FFIV!cpzivich19 Jun 20201.08Yes
Fantastic Hack!betspen29 Apr 20201.08Yes
Absolve the darkness withinOld_gamer21 Nov 20191.08Yes
A totally new take on FFIV, fun!tampa03cobra17 Jan 20181.07dYes
Come for the story, stay for the bosses!Toad00426 Sep 20171.07aYes
Not bad, but has room for improvementfaltain26 Jul 20161.04No
Shows why the original Final Fantasy IV should been family-friendly.thepatrickinator10 Jul 20161.04Yes