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Hell Crawlers

Hack of Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)


Change list:

  • 19 new levels, that end up in improvised ending (level 20)
  • All graphics & sounds changed
  • Two players mode is no more and is now “unlimited lives” mode

Quirk list:

  • At the start of each level enemies cannot hurt you, nor can be hurt until they reach center of the screen or until some time is passed. Keep an eye on their behaviour, “activated” enemies starts to hunt you.
  • There are some small amount of levels where enemies can be “perma-eaten” (cannot respawn).
  • Consider hiding behind small crosses, as enemies cannot pass through them (most of them).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ms. Pac-Man (U) [!].nes
  • No-Intro Name: Ms. Pac-Man (USA) (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File CRC32: 480ff69c
  • ROM CRC32: b6d2d300
  • File SHA-1: bd16dea7eb7c1bf3fa7e63d977ccc9e29dab3174
  • ROM SHA-1: f92161296e7cba0b9a573d00eabf8581914bca56
  • File MD5: 458b0b7a3eabc4cf6f828ecd86b73a80
  • ROM MD5: b7f24e66a7df5d102023977ab887d97e




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Super RoboprotectorHacking

User Review Information

Dante's Inferno + Pac-Man = Interesting

Reviewed By: CloudGamerX on 05 Jan 2018

I have played my fair share of Pac-Man and Ms.Pac-Man hacks in the past. Most are joke hacks (like genetals and boobs, or Pac-Man as a stoner, etc.). But a huge amount of these hacks lack anything interesting to make them stand out. This hack, however…definitely stands out to me as one of the most unique and interesting Ms.Pac-Man hacks to date. I won’t get into the gameplay, as it is basically just Ms.Pac-Man (except pellets are replaced with ghoulish souls and Power Pellets are replaced with crosses). However, I will go over what this hack changes.

Graphics: (9/10) The graphics and sprite work in this game fit the name well, as it does feel like I am playing a Ms.Pac-Man game in hell. The way this game plays out makes me think of what would happen if Dante’s Inferno was made into a maze game. Just the journey deeper and deeper into hell got more grotesque and disturbing. However, it is still a marvelous treat, and is one of the best things about this hack.

Stage Layout: (10/10) The stages of these games look rather terrifying for an NES game. In a way, it is like looking at a more detailed version of Chiller…only as a Ms.Pac-Man game. The way these stages are laid out leads to more and more difficult traversing. Not to mention a few tense moments where I just barely make it to the last soul. Very fitting, considering how each stage looks. Each stage looked and felt like a deeper and more disturbing descent into hell, as you face more and more difficult challenges.

Sound: (5/10) Sadly, where this rom hack falls flat is the sound. The sound in the beginning of the game is fine, but the actual sound in the gameplay can be rather ear-grating. I know that was the intent, to fit the more grotesque look of the game. However, it is still rather painful to the ears, especially when playing on a PC with headphones on.

Overall: (8/10) This is definitely one of my favorite Ms.Pac-Man hacks to date. With it’s unique and creepy aesthetic, and gameplay that can be rather tense at moments, this is a wonderful treat. Despite the sound being rather harsh to the ears, I do recommend trying this one out!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Dante's Inferno + Pac-Man = InterestingCloudGamerX05 Jan 20181.0Yes