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Man Hole



In this game you make sure that the people traverse over the area with the help of your umbrella so that they don’t fall down the manholes.



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Azumanga Daioh on NES!

Reviewed By: dheltibridle on 13 Dec 2017

This game is based on the manga and anime Azumanga Daioh. You play as the young Chiyo Chan trying to keep her teacher Miss Yukari and her spacey friend “Osaka” from falling in the manholes. You must use the D-pad to move Chiyo to the correct space at the correct time. There is not anymore or any less to this game. It’s great for a few minutes of quick entertainment every now and then!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Azumanga Daioh on NES!dheltibridle13 Dec 20171.0Yes