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Zero Saber

Hack of Mega Man X3


This hack is an Addendum for Justin’s Zero Project 3.1.

Fix the color palette to Zero ending, makes the saber your main weapon and increase the bosses life bar.

Update: The patch can be only applied in version 3.1

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X 3 (U).smc
  • Country USA
  • File MD5: CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • File SHA-1: B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • File CRC32: FA0FE671
  • ROM MD5: CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • ROM SHA-1: B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • ROM CRC32: FA0FE671




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

z saber madness

Reviewed By: megamanxguru on 27 Oct 2017

This comment is for X3 modded by Zero Project and Zero Saber combined.

Cool start, worth the effort. X3 stock has an issue with Zero’s swing, he just gets stuck in position until the entire swing is done and you have to land on the ground, then sometimes after landing and trying to jump again, Zero is already in falling animation and effect instead of rising. When this ROM is modded, the swing issue affects Zero’s double and triple jump upgrades. Once again, this is not the fault of the MOD, just the way the game was designed. If Docrow (MODDER) could figure this out and make the swing not affect movement, it would make even just having one swing fun enough as a mod.

Also, Blizzard Buffalo gets retarded with this combo mod: When buffalo dashes towards you and you dodge, he hits the wall, then you jump up in the air right behind his back and he just glitches and dashes against the same wall again.

Can’t wait to see the next version to this mod!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A must have add on to Zero Projectdarkzero722206 Jan 20181.1Yes
z saber madnessmegamanxguru27 Oct 20171.1Yes