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Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I

Hack of Super Mario World


Finally, after 2 cancelled SMW hacks and after a year of work,Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I is finally here. It’s a complete Super Mario World hack that features:

  • 80 stages (more than the original game)
  • Custom music
  • Custom Boss battles
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom palettes
  • New Power Ups
  • Increased difficulty
  • Redesigned overworld map
  • And more…

Have Fun!!!

12/21/2013 V1.1 Update:

The main reason for this update is to make the game compatible with more emulators not just ZSNES, but there are some other changes:

  • The Overworld map now have events after you complete a level
  • Some music were changed to make the game compatible with the other emulators
  • Some palettes were altered
  • Some Graphical changes were made in some levels
  • Certain enemies have been removed, added or slightly relocated
  • The Switch palace blocks, the Final Fantasy victory theme (after you defeat a boss), the keyhole music, the music when Mario dies and the Handwriting from Episode 2 were ported to this version
  • 1ups, Power ups, coin blocks, Switch palace blocks were added in some levels
  • The Kirby boss have been fixed, he’s now able to throw fire balls like he was meant to do
  • Some levels have been slightly edited
  • And some minor aesthetic changes were made

This requires a headered ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
  • CRC32: 544F00BC
  • MD5: 3FA8AFBFA6CA022C55F71CD8365D50DA
  • SHA-1: B831F5DF9CB7C8F0474F06464C40700F5126DB03




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User Review Information

A Dated Hack with Some Neat Ideas

Reviewed By: CM30 on 15 Oct 2017

As someone who really liked Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure 3, I thought it’d only be right if I checked out Isaix’s previous work. After all, while the technology got better, it’s not like the level design should be at least somewhat as good, right? I mean, it’s the same author, the storyline, the same sort of ideas…

What could possibly going wrong?

Well the sad answer here is: everything

Because unfortunately for me, it turns out Super Mario World the Lost Adventure 1 doesn’t hold a candle to its successors, nor to any Mario ROM hacks made after the early 00s or so.

Part of this is because the level design (which was linear yet enjoyable in later games) is outright tedious in this one, with levels following the ‘YouTube school’ of game design. Aka, put as many twisty paths and repeated obstacles in as possible to pad out playtime.

And this only gets more obvious as the title progresses. For instance, there’s a level in the ‘Heaven’ world which is supposed to represent a light palace of some kind. That’s not a bad idea, and in the right hands it could have been one of the best levels in the entire game.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Instead, you’ve got a super long, incredibly tedious slog of a stage with minimal areas, annoying jumps and sections that feel like they’re straight out of an AzureBlade49 or ProtonJon LP. It’s a great example of the level ‘atmosphere’ being prioritised over whether it’s actually fun to play, and suffers greatly as a result.

What’s worse, almost every castle level (and many non castle levels) feel exactly like this. You go into a long room, dodge a bunch of bland obstacles, climb a few steps up and go straight back the way you came past another group of boring obstacles. It means every level feels like you’re running through an S Shaped series of areas that goes on forever.

But the level design’s tediousness isn’t the only issue here.

Nope, the level difficulty feels all off as well. That’s because regardless of where you are in the game, all levels seem to come down to one of two patterns:

1. A really easy yet ridiculously long series of obstacles designed merely to slow you down.

2. Or numerous annoying one block jumps that are incredibly easy to mess up on. This is especially notable in the Elec Man Factory level, which for some reason is almost entirely made of single block jumps. It’s just stupid, and shows a complete lack of imagination when it comes to level design here.

Which in turn is made worse by the fact Isaix didn’t really use any of the custom resources he promised in the description here. Yes, there’s a fight with Bowser Jr in the last world, and you do race Runman in another castle…

But that’s basically it. The game is almost entirely lacking in custom sprites and blocks, despite being both created in an era where they were plentiful and sorely needing them for the fancier levels involved.

What’s more, it feels like those custom elements he did throw in there (like the aforementioned bosses, and a certain hammer power up) weren’t placed in levels in the design stage, but because he suddenly realised how Sprite Tool worked and decided to stick a few custom sprites in to liven things up. This means that said levels don’t really lead up to said bosses in any noticeable way, nor do levels with other custom sprites seem to integrate them into the level design.

And that’s also true of the aesthetics too. Occasionally, you’ll get a level with a custom background, and even more rarely a custom foreground to go with it. But they’re few and far between, and feel like they were designed as ‘vanilla’ stages first and made more ‘chocolate like’ at a later date.

The end result is a game whose visuals clash rather badly, and seem like a random jumble of neat things the author found on SMW Central.

This is also equally true of the music as well. That’s because why custom graphics and sprites are rare as hell, custom music isn’t and has been added into every level you come across. However, it’s not used appropriately at all.

In fact, it’s used seemingly for no reason other than the song sounded cool at some point and the author wanted to use it. Like how the final level manages to include a Final Fantasy theme, Rambi Rumble and Crocodile Cacophony and numerous vanilla songs in a single stage. They don’t lead into one another in a logical way, they just feel throw in, to the point every room seems like a completely detached entity.

It’s genuinely disappointing, and just continues the ‘random assortment of ideas and custom stuff’ feel the rest of the game has going for it.

As for replay value, there is none. This game offers nothing to return to, since it’s an entirely linear experience with no secret exits outside of those leading to the switch palaces. So once you’re done with the game, you’re truly done with it. There’s no reason to come back, and hey you wouldn’t even want to given how much better the sequels are.

So in conclusion, Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Part 1 is a disappointment of a game, and one that really does feel outdated compared to its later sequels. Unless you’re desperate to see how this series started, avoid this one at all costs.

It’s just not worth it.

Version 1.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Lots of Neat SurprisesMother Kojiro02 Jan 20221.1Yes
A Dated Hack with Some Neat IdeasCM3015 Oct 20171.1No
A great hack,ESPECIALLY for newcomersTimaeus21 Feb 20161.1Yes
Very Well DoneGabrielJohn02 Dec 20141.1Yes
Great Gametroyboy5028 Jun 2013N/AYes
Not half as good as people say...MaxodeX16 Oct 2012N/ANo
I loved the gameEletromem29 Sep 2012N/AYes
Decent... for 2005Egadd30 Sep 2012N/ANo
One of the best SMW hacks!!!Pacnsac Games17 Sep 2012N/AYes
I like it (V.1.0)Radio16 Sep 2012N/AYes
This game ruleskass15 Sep 2012N/AYes