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Phoenix Wright Script Editor

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This is a script script extractor, decoder, encoder, injector. In other words, you can add your own cases. Source included.


User Review Information

A seed?

Reviewed By: pinet on 13 Oct 2017

The first impression is this tool is a seed, that could be evolved, but this utility is already have 10 years old. I tried but It’s not for users with a lack of knowledge.

Would be welcome a link to a video on Youtube, demonstrating the procedure.

So, one thing that could really be included in the package, is a simple and small user manual. Simple things like, for example:

  • What is the minimum requeriments to run?
  • Minimum Windows version? (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ?)
  • Windows 32 or 64 bit?
  • Required installed extra packages? (Python, GTK, devKit …)?
  • Specific paths for installation / extraction?
  • More details or a step-by-step correct use.

Unfortunately, none of the above was found. :-(

I hope this tool can have future support and updates, so users from all over the world can have a opportunity to use this tool to translate or evolve this fantastic novel of this ROM to all languages.

Version 0.2-1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A seed?pinet13 Oct 20170.2-1No
Completely UnusableTheLuigiLightning25 May 20150.2-1No