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Castlevania: Stairs of DOOM

Hack of Castlevania


This CV1 hack features completely revamped levels and some graphic and music edits. The main idea is to maximize space in rooms using clever ways such as crossing stairs (even stair mazes!), alternate paths, hidden shortcuts etc.

The difficulty of this hack is about the same as the original game at 1st quest and ramped up for 2nd one. Expect Grim Reaper and Dracula fights with Medusa heads spawning all around.

See the readme for more information.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (U) (PRG1) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 856114C8
  • MD5: 52EB3F7E2C5FC765AA71F21C85F0770E
  • SHA-1: 7A20C44F302FB2F1B7ADFFA6B619E3E1CAE7B546
  • SHA-256: C71BE6AC16E8EEA7F867CD5437AFD1449BEF7C4834EC4CA273CAFE2882EBFC46




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User Review Information

labyrinth of stairs

Reviewed By: onepiecefan2007 on 31 Jul 2018

This one of the most creative CV hack I’ve ever seen, is simply a giant labyrinth of stairs. I would speak about this hack by listing every level in one separated point:

1) The first level is meh….. there aren’t a lot of stairs but you can see the ideas of the creator like a lot of trap and various methods to skip certain sections of the levels.

2) The second level is a lot better than the first one, there are many more stairs than the first level and there are also some fun parkour’s part.

3)This level is more or less like the second one, so we can leave it and go the the fourth.

4) In this level there is a really likable platform, you must jump from this platform on the floor but this platform is really fast and you must do a very precise jump because if you jump too late you fall in the water, if you jump too soon you fall in the water, and if you jump in place you fall in the water and this is very fun (and annoying)

5)This level is a real labyrinth of stairs, there are a lot of stairs that cross and you must find a way to reach the other part of the level but the real solution to reach the other part of level isn’t find the correct stair. The real solution is break down a wall (a really unfair move)

6) The last stage is meh…. like the first one but before the last fight with Dracula you can find an invisible stair that takes you in a secret floor where you can find an holy water.

My vote for this hack is 3.8/5

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
labyrinth of stairsonepiecefan200731 Jul 20181.1Yes
...Finally!!! A Decent CV1 ROM Hack!TheLuigiLightning03 Oct 20151.1Yes