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Bomberman 64 - Arcade Edition (Japan)

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Bomberman 64 - Arcade Edition (Japan) is an puzzle game for the Nintendo 64.

Translation Description:

Localization for the Japanese exclusive Bomberman64 released in 2001–not to be confused with the internationally released game of the same name.

Patch is a bps and can be applied with beat, flips, or anything else that supports bps. Please note the output size will be smaller than the input size.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Internal Name: BOMBERMAN64
  • Byteorder: Native (big-endian)
  • Internal Checksum: DF6FF0F4 29D14238
  • MD5: 08E491F87445C6E5C168D982FC665D5F
  • SHA-512: 797991B0CB0D7B064580B98E29DE86D4BDA850BD8E3889F562394D3D0915923C799A3A0D9943FA74145B1B93A1930866DFD0D0766548CA2E13130EA801BE81AC



RHDN Translation Image


User Review Information

Really nice work on a fun game

Reviewed By: goldenband on 18 Jul 2017

I wasn’t expecting to get sucked in by a game that, truth be told, is really just a compilation of a couple of Bomberman standbys, plus a version of the well-known Same Game puzzler and a bunch of minigames aggregated into a pseudo-RPG mode.

Turns out, though, that Bomberman 64 of Japan – unofficially called the “Arcade Edition” in some quarters, for some reason – is great, low-key fun for when you just want to chill out with some straightforward gameplay. Sure, it basically looks like a SNES release and even has occasional slowdown, but I have to imagine it would’ve found some fans here had it been released in North America.

And Zoinkity’s localization makes it feel like it *was* released here. Playing through it on my flash cart, it was easy to forget that this isn’t an official localization. The professionalism of the hacking work is paired with a translation that feels spot-on for the material – its tone is appropriately whimsical but not self-indulgent. Nothing breaks immersion, screams “fan translation”, or otherwise draws attention to itself; it’s simply a well-polished translation of a fun game, just as it should be. Great stuff!

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Really nice work on a fun gamegoldenband18 Jul 20171.2Yes
That's what I've been looking for several years.lancuster22 Mar 20171.2Yes