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Numan Revolution

Hack of Phantasy Star II


This is a thorough alteration of Phantasy Star II for the Sega Genesis that changes nearly every facet of the game. It slightly lowers the difficulty from the notoriously difficult original, it now ties-in better with the rest of the classic Phantasy Star series, with a completely rewritten story, and the great surprise veterans have wanted for over a decade! So newcomers and veterans alike, come enjoy the Numan Revolution! Features:

  • Every piece of equipment has had some alteration done to it, from a different strength or opened to use by new characters. There are even many new ones!
  • All the characters learn more Techniques.
  • The guns have been given major improvements to be better than many bladed weapons and some award defensive bonuses.
  • An all-new storyline!
  • Every shop inventory has been changed.
  • All the enemies give double Experience and double Meseta in comparison to the originals to speed the pace of the game.
  • Each character levels up at a different rate, and the weaker ones get massive boosts from level 35 and up.
  • Brand new monster sprites and a new enemy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star II (UE) (REV02) [!].gen
  • CRC32: 904FA047
  • MD5: 0FA38B12CF0AB0163D865600AC731A9A
  • SHA-1: 0711080E968490A6B8C5FAFBB9DB3E62BA597231



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


User Review Information

Pretty good hack if I must say so myself.

Reviewed By: Gavin the Demon on 17 Jul 2017


I’ve been playing this hack for a few days, and I’ve just finished it today, and I do recommend it if you like Phantasy Star II. While the hack does have some flaws, there is definitely more good in it than bad.

In the hack there is:

  • Script Changes
  • New Enemy Colourings
  • Character Technique Changes
  • Equipment Changes and New Equipment
  • Easter Egg References

I’ll review them in sections.

Script Changes:

Motavia Half - 8/10. I like how Teim wasn’t made out to be incredibly helpless, and how dark the mood could’ve gotten. I also liked changes made to the NeiFirst scenes. Wasn’t much changes to the dams, but there isn’t much dialogue there anyways.

Dezolis Half - 6/10. I aren’t too keen on how Rolf and Tyler were made brothers, or how they escaped the ship accident 10 years ago by Tyler ejecting him and Rolf out then somehow getting to Dezolis and meeting Lutz. I don’t think Lutz’s speeches were that bad, and I did like Mother Brain’s speech, but the earthmen leader didn’t give a speech… because they aren’t earthmen now, they’re just palmans who went corrupt due to Dark Force… not a change I’m very fond of. One change I did like was Dark Force’s speech, the dark tone to him that wasn’t overly gothic was very interesting.

New Enemy Colourings:

Bio-Monsters: 5/10. A lot of them were rather unusual. A lot of colours were too bright and didn’t blend well, but some were fairly good.

Robots: 10/10. A lot of their recolourings look very cool, blended in very well, and were very appealing.

Dezolis Enemies: 6/10. Some were good, but again, some just had colours that didn’t blend well together, becuase they were too bright and conflicting, and some of the enemies didn’t look very threatening, but some were good.

Dark Force: 10/10. I definitely like this one. His colourings now resemble PSIII’s Dark Force. The original colourings didn’t look very threatening, but now, they look very threatening, and they blend well together. By far the best recolour in the hack.

Character Technique Changes:

Rolf - He only learns NaGra after Megid, which I found odd, but nonetheless, they were still good.

Nei - I like how most of her new techniques are status increasings, she’s like Rika from PSIV now.

Rudo - Like in the original, he has no techniques, but his physical strength is still helpful.

Amy - While she isn’t super-duper strong still, her new techniques are definitely a help, mostly her attacking ones.

Hugh - Great changes made to him. He now has rather helpful techniques, especially the Tsu line.

Anna - She has a fair bit of new stuff, like Gi and Na versions, which is fairly helpful.

Kain - Similar to the original game, but he now learns Foi and Tsu techniques, which is definitely a help.

Shir - She’s amazing in this hack. I used her through the whole game. She learns the lines of Foi, Tsu, Zan, Gra, Res, and some other techniques. She’s definitely well improved.

Equipment Changes and New Equipment: I like the changes made to earlier equipment, but in the dams, there wasn’t much changed. On Dezolis, the new weapons are great. Two Laconian Axes for Rudo is even stronger than the NeiShot against some enemies. The Laconian Daggers now have much higher attack because they were fixed. I also loved the Guardmail and Guardrings. They’re definitely a nice reward, even if expensive.

Easter Egg References: They did make sense, but I don’t think they were totally needed. Hugh Thompson is now Hugh Mahlay, and Anna Kirski is now Anna Brangwin. I don’t think everyone in everything is related.

I give this hack a 9/10. I definitely enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. Bye!!

Version V1.10 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pretty good hack if I must say so myself.Gavin the Demon17 Jul 2017V1.10Yes
Not Worth the Timeobscurumlux0124 Feb 2011N/ANo