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S.M.B. Remodeler (English)



S.M.B. Remodeler (SMB Remodeler) is a powerful tool to remodel the very many details of “Super Mario Bros.” for the NES. An almost unheard SMB Hacking tool in the Western hacking scene, but very popular with Japanese hackers. This tool was left untranslated for nearly 7 years after its closure of the original website that originally hosts it.

There are more than 470 options that can be changed, and there are functions such as creating, patching IPS files, and even directly changing the value with the address bar.

This tool is completely translated by Zoinkity, with Eden GT’s help for refining up the translations.


User Review Information

WOW. My life just got a lot easier

Reviewed By: Teeporage777 on 14 Jul 2017

Wow is really the best I can do. Ha. This editor is amazing. Like the description, it has color changing, physics, enemy editing, all kinds of different tools. This was so easy to use. I finished some editing on my upcoming hack that would of typically took me 45 minutes to do. I finished it, with this awesome editor, in about ten minutes.

Great job on the translation. Now of course I could of done this with my trusty hex editor, but this is so convenient, it is silly not to use. I simply love it and experienced zero issues during use. I recommend the death out of this editor to anyone who wants to hack SMB. This is a great tool for people just starting out in SMB hacking as well.

Thanks guys for this!!

Version 2.23 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Essential for beginner hackingSupergamerguy13 Mar 20212.23Yes
CoolnessSzemigi25 Feb 20182.23Yes
Powerful and easy to useEmployee22 Jul 20172.23Yes
WOW. My life just got a lot easierTeeporage77714 Jul 20172.23Yes