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Mark McGwire Bros.

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


Mark McGwire is suddenly summoned to the Mushroom Kingdom to save Peach, since the Mario Bros. are no where to be found. Help Mark go through three worlds to smack enemies with baseballs, yeah baseballs. This was a quick hack while working on other hacks in progress, the graphic changes are from an old hack of the same name that won’t work with modern emulators.

So have fun, and help Mark McGwire!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Bros. (World).nes
  • CRC32: 3337EC46
  • MD5: 811B027EAF99C2DEF7B933C5208636DE
  • SHA-1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Eden GTMusicfor changing up the music
Peppermint PattyGraphicsFor making the Mark McGwire sprites

User Review Information

Funny, Fun, Baseballs

Reviewed By: Teeporage777 on 05 Jul 2017

Some names you think you have forgot forever…This hack reminds you of one of them. I think this hack is really funny and pretty enjoyable. As soon as I seen Mark McGwire I knew I had to give it a play through. The sounds and music were changed a bit and sounded pretty cool. Some of the graphics were changed as well. I really like the baseball suit. Although i would of changed the fireball movement to shoot straight and downward to look more like a pitch or throw but that is just me being greedy. Perfect difficulty.

I had a good amount of laughs with this hack. Mark actually looked reasonable well. A fun time and a blast from the past. If you got a bit of time to spare, give this hack a play through. If you like baseball this is a good hack to play. Thanks Googie for a fun hack.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Funny, Fun, BaseballsTeeporage77705 Jul 20171.0Yes