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Zelda II: New Adventure of Link

Hack of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


Enjoy this all new Zelda II Adventure!


  • New Overworld (West Hyrule, Death Mountain, East Hyrule, Maze Island).
  • Every Sideview area is Different.
  • New Random Battles.
  • 6 Palaces Different.
  • New Great Palace.
  • New NPC Dialog.
  • No Cheese Dark Link (Beat Dark Link without using the “left corner” exploit).

Multiple Difficulty Options:

  • “NOOB MODE” Difficulty - For people who are bad at Zelda II. (no pits & easier enemies)
  • “ONE HIT DEATH MODE” - All enemies will kill you in one hit.
  • “RECOMMENDED MODE” - The original difficulty I intended the romhack to be.

Special thanks goes to njosro for creating the Zelda II Side View Editor & Overworld Editor!

See readme for contact info & update notes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: E3C788B0
  • MD5: 764D36FA8A2450834DA5E8194281035A
  • SHA-1: 353489A57F24A429572E76BD455BC51D821F7036
  • SHA-256: AD8C0FBCF092BF84B48E69FD3964EEA4ED91BFE62ABC352943D537979782680C




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User Review Information

Holy CRAP is this hard!

Reviewed By: jm102887 on 16 Jun 2017

I will say that I have yet to finish this, but I’ll give my impressions thus far.

The World - The story seems to have been unchanged whatsoever, which is perfectly fine. What has changed is the world of Hyrule. If you thought you knew it before….well you don’t now! I rather like how varied the world seems now, though I will say it is pretty difficult to figure out where exactly to go next. However that does lead into the next point…

Dialogue - Typically I didn’t pay much attention to the villagers in the original game, but this time, the creator has cleaned up and reworked the dialogue for stuff to actually make sense. So talking to the villagers does give fairly good hints on where to go next every now and then. So yes….pay attention to the villagers because they could mean the difference between a hint on where something is…or wandering for quite a while scratching your head, lol. Also, the names of spells have been redone, but still do the same thing as before (Protect - Shield)

Difficulty - Remember those medusa heads in Castlevania who were almost always placed where they could knock you into a pit? Guess the creator liked that concept because that sorta thing is EVERYWHERE here. This is where I get a bit unsure of what side I’m on. Enemy placement is often near pits and it requires you to very much think about what you’re doing or else you WILL get knocked in a pit of lava/water and lose a life. Mistakes are punished and there’s no second chances in many cases. The problem of this comes from the fact that while the standard equipment is available to help with shortcuts, the further along you go, the more it feels like a grueling hike to get back should you lose all your lives. So maybe if the creator would ease up on the “enemies near pits” a little in the future, I think this wouldn’t be so frustrating. One point I DO like….is that the creator did seem to bring out a few enemies more that seemed underappreciated in the original. I believe I saw more dairas in this hack than I did in the original, where they seemed to be limited to just Death Mountain and its surrounding area and nowhere else. So good on you, developer.

Game Over Screen - Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh you so funny…. . :P

My Rating: 8.5/10 I am enjoying this hack, and while I’m hunting for the last heart container before slogging through to the final palace, it is keeping my attention pretty well. I do feel that a lot of the difficulty relies on the cheap “enemy knocks you into death pits” too much, but otherwise, I feel that the world is a lot more varied than it used to be. So I do feel this is a worthwhile hack to play.

Version 3.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
AMAZING!!!VanDam09 Apr 20204.3Yes
A great example how Zelda II could have beenLogi31 May 20184.3No
well donetoritoritori24725 Jun 20173.4Yes
Exceptionally wonderful effort!lexluthermiester26 Jun 20174.0Yes
A Tragic Mistake Has Been Madesnarfblam16 Jun 20173.4No
Holy CRAP is this hard!jm10288716 Jun 20173.4Yes