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Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


1.3 is a mod made by Archael for the game Final Fantasy Tactics which greatly increases the game’s difficulty by re-balancing the game. It alters enemies, items, jobs, skills, and fixes many gameplay mechanic exploits present in the original.

1.3 is very difficult! However, if you enjoy the content present in it and wish to play it without the difficulty, here is a version of it with regular difficulty:


  • AI controlled Squires will no longer waste turns using Cheer Up
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Chocobos could be Invited
  • Dark Chocobos are now correctly immune to all negative statuses
  • Time Mage Speed Growth up from 100 to 90
  • Oracle Speed Growth up from 100 to 90
  • Oracle Speed HP Multiplier down from 127 to 120


ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS-94221




User Review Information

Hard for the wrong reasons

Reviewed By: Sephalos on 22 May 2017

Final Fantasy Tactics is probably one of my favorite game of all time. It has a great engine, great music and really good plot. When this game came out I must have spent over 200 hours or so playing it over and over again. I also revisited it many times during my life.

I always felt like the original FFT was a bit too easy at times and I thought this hack would challenge me to really use the engine to it’s full potential in order to succeed. Unfortunately this is where it all falls apart. I don’t think this comes to a fault to the developer of this hack but rather how the game falls to pieces when you try to raise the difficulty too high.

You can play perfectly, be 100% prepared for a fight and have a great team composition and still lose since the deciding factor here comes down to luck. On the one map where you take on Algus in the first chapter, I kept loosing so I set up myself a save state at the start of the fight so I wouldn’t have to watch the cutscene every time.

He has the ability to kill most of your units in one hit at 100% accuracy, unless of course his AI decides to use throw stone. I had restarted the fight multiple times with the exact same team composition and strategy until suddenly it went from being too hard to stupidly easy where I kept critting enemy units and they just could not land a single hit on me. This is where I felt that no matter what I did, it just didn’t matter.

Another weird AI quirk is constantly reviving dead units, this may seem like it would be detrimental to the player but instead makes the game easier. In one of the maps if the AI had attacked me for massive damage instead of reviving a useless unit that I can just mow down the next turn, they probably would have won, but instead, ended just giving me free EXP and AP as well as an extra turn to attack.

So why do I recommend this hack if I didn’t enjoy it that much? Well the hack itself has a lot of good stuff added in such as new spells, abilities, powerful passives for each classes and some balancing as well. So while I don’t recommend the hard version, you should definitely check out he easy version of this hack. It keeps all the good stuff from the hack and throws away the terrible difficulty. Unless of course, you’re a sucker for punishment, then go for the hard version.

Version Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Hard for the wrong reasonsSephalos22 May 20171.3.0.8Yes
Everything I Ever WantedLeonidus13 Oct 2012N/AYes