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This game is in early access. It’s still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. Follow along to watch it as it develops!

The game features the story of Hilda, a young princess who lost all of her family in the war against the enemy. All but her older sister, who is missing.

She sets to find her sister, and attain revenge for her parents death, along with the future restoration of her kingdom.

What will happen next?



User Review Information

Potential is Present, But Execution Isn't

Reviewed By: CloudGamerX on 16 Apr 2017

While looking through the various ROM Hacks and Homebrews present on this site, I decided that I would look for potential hidden gems that don’t get as much love as they should. During my searches, I came across this interesting little game developed by Orochii Zouveleki (name found on Gamejolt, where the game is also available as an early access) called “Hilda”. From the screenshots of the game, it looked pretty promising. An action platformer set in a fantasy world with hack n’ slash gameplay? Count me in! I then proceeded to download it, play it, and…well…Here’s my review of Hilda v1.0…

Story: The story of Hilda is a rather simple one. Hilda seeks out to find her lost sister and avenge (revenge, as from what the intro text and game description puts it) the death of her parents, while also restoring peace to her kingdom by destroying a bunch of monsters. Standard stuff, but I can give it a pass, as gameplay is what matters more with these type of games. I will give Orochii some credit, in the game he state that this is their first SNES game they ever done, so I can understand why he would play it safe. However, what does bother me is the numerous grammar errors sprinkled throughout the text of the game. I would be okay with small spelling errors, as I don’t typically notice them the first time around (ex. “Wiley” instead of “Wily” in one of the cutscenes in Mega Man 3). But the problem isn’t small misspellings, it is entire words being misplaced or sentence structures making little sense. Even the game’s description and intro scene has a major word misplacement, saying “revenge”, when it should be “avenge”. Bottom line, the story is fine but I would strongly suggest the script of the game being revised in possible future revisions.

Graphics: Graphically, the game looks rather nice. It isn’t technically impressive or highly detailed like a good chunk of SNES games, but it doesn’t look bland or boring. The visual style is nice, and the sprites of Hilda and the monsters are well done. Good job Orochii!

Music: The music of this game is just purely amazing. There is very few tracks in the game, but they are all well-composed and sound wonderful with headphones or speakers. In fact, I would say the music is probably the best thing about the game.

DISCLAIMER: Now before I get to this final segment, I should remind readers that this is Orochii Zouveleki’s first ever SNES game and it was developed in 1 week for the BitBitJam3 gamejam session . Initially, I didn’t want to tear this particular segment apart because of this fact. However, not only is it a major aspect of any game, but considering this is supposed to be v1.0 of the game, that implies this is the first final build of the game. It is even listed as a “Full Game”, so that leaves no excuses. Ladies and gentleman, I present you…

Gameplay: Oh sweet mother of god, this game is broken as hell! For starters, the controls are extremely floaty and slippery. It’s like playing “Hook” on SNES, only with controls so floaty that you would think Hilda is like Peter Pan’s sister or something. Her movements are also slippery, it’s like she has butter sticks under her feet at all times. The hit detection is really poor, sometimes a hit will register and sometimes it won’t. But the enemies certainly as hell hit you with ease. Speaking of which, the enemies have a tendency to appear and disappear throughout the game. And on that note, this game has ALOT of glitches. It is all visual, but you will always see enemy sprites glitch on the corner of the screen, a strange line appear and disappear from time to time, music tends to change when transitioning from different areas or just disappear entirely, and enemies appear out of nowhere. And their is one game breaking glitch that occurs when you die. In the game, you can take a total of 3 hits before death. Once you die, the Game Over text will appear on the title screen and you can’t start the game again afterwards. So in order to play the game again, you have to reset the emulator. Speaking of which, the devs recommend you use ZSNES to play the game because then it is more “stable”. However, trying it on BSNES and on my SNES console yields no differences in results. The game only has 1 level, and killing all the monsters in set level yields no results. So you basically just wander around this glitchy mess until you die. Easily the worst thing about this game, and it just pains me to say it because…

Overall: This game has the potential to be something truly amazing. If the devs put more time into development and fixing the boatload of glitches and all the grammatical errors, this could easily be a SNES homebrew that everyone would love and adore. But as it stands, it is just a broken mess that is best to be faded into obscurity. And considering it was developed from a gamejam session, and their is no updates on it since release, I think that’s exactly what will happen. While I can commend them for developing something like this in one week, I still have to be honest about the full product. I really hope the devs can take note on the potential this game has, and really expand upon it. But that seems highly unlikely.

Rating: 3/10

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Piece of art graphically and music wise BUT that's about it.SylarDean02 Nov 20171.0Yes
Potential is Present, But Execution Isn'tCloudGamerX16 Apr 20171.0No