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Rockman 2: Basic Master

Hack of Mega Man 2


Rockman 2: Basic Master is a complete level hack of Rockman 2 for the NES. New music, new (and old) enemies, different boss behaviors, and more.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (J) [!].nes
  • Length: 262160 Bytes (2 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 30B91650
  • MD5: 055FB8DC 626FB1FB ADC0A193 010A3E3F
  • SHA1: FB51875D 1FF4B0DE EE97E967 E6434FF5 14F3C2F2




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User Review Information

Didn't expect much, but was surprised at what I got.

Reviewed By: RhysOwens101 on 20 Mar 2017

I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t that impressed by Tatsu’s previous effort (Rockman 2 ONN) judging by videos I saw of it, but this is atleast twice as good.

This is definitely in the top 10 hacks of Mega Man 2 that I’ve seen or played.

Lets talk about the stages, okay. I’ve only played Heat Man, Wood Man, Air Man, and a bit of Quick Man, and they were pretty well done. Heat Man’s stage is set in some sort of Lava Cave, not much to say about it other than it being quite challenging while there’s not thousands of enemies on screen, which is good level design.

Wood Man’s stage was more impressive. It was mostly set in a forest, but atleast a third of the stages involves rain which damages Mega Man by 1 unit over time, which there are a few health capsules in and between stages, which I thought wasn’t bad, but there are the drill tank enemies from MM6 which accelerate from normal speed to really fast and even push you back, which I thought was pretty annoying. Lastly, Air Man’s stage is set in Hornet Man’s stage for some reason, and there’s also not much to comment on in terms of level design.

Now onto the enemies and bosses. For enemies, there are some new enemies added in, including some from other MM games, like the Flies which shoot downward from MM4 and the Tiger Robots from MM5. For the new enemies, one of them is a robot totem which can only be damaged at the top piece, which fires large bullets straight forward. Another is this stone enemy in a minecart hops in place which firing small, bouncing rocks in your direction. It also hops and shoots when you shoot it, pretty cool and strategic enemy. The bosses, I can’t really comment on, but they have also been well edited.

Also, Mega Man moves faster, similar to RM3 Burst Chaser, but goes back to normal speed at bosses.

I like the new weapons and items. Atomic Fire fires 3 Changkeys up, forward-up and forward when on the ground, and down, forward-down and forward when jumping. A pretty strategic weapon which can be really useful when used correctly. Leaf Shield has been replaced with an Earth Spike which moves left and right and moves in the opposite direction when it’s reached an edge or wall. Sounds cool, but you can’t get rid of it after shooting it and it doesn’t hit an enemy. Not recommended. Air Shooter fires Green Wind shots forward in a wavy pattern (kind of) and continuously fires when you hold down the shoot button. Can make good use of small enemies easily. Items 1,2 and 3 are unlocked from the start. Item 1 spawns Eddie which gives you a random pickup. Item 2 spawns Beat which holds you up and you can move left and right when it’s in use. Press Select to exit the item’s usage.

Overall, this is a rather fun Mega Man hack with good gimmicks and ASM changes. I will recommend this any day.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
EXCELLENT, but Not Perfectdiablo66627 Mar 20201.0Yes
Rockman 2: Basic Master - EXCELLENTDobu_GM27 Apr 20191.0Yes
Interesting, but RARELY fun or fair -- be hesitant!Lyrit12 Aug 20181.0Yes
A fine hack marred by the change of Mega Man's physics.8.bit.fan23 Mar 20171.0Yes
Didn't expect much, but was surprised at what I got.RhysOwens10120 Mar 20171.0Yes