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Rockman Claw

Hack of Mega Man


This game requires the Japanese Rockman 1 ROM. Not Mega Man.

Modified stages, graphics and palettes, custom music, and AI programming. This is a completely new gaming experience for those that played the original Mega Man / Rockman game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rockman (Japan) (En).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: E0141A24
  • MD5: 8824842070A569E9BA7287BCDEA045A3
  • SHA-1: 5914D409EA027A96C2BB58F5136C5E7E9B2E8300
  • SHA-256: E5BBC798798A0F5AE6E6D22A35DF2FC3D08CEFE6A1B278ED7F1CC325E8EE19E0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

First half of the game is okay, but the last half is a nightmare!

Reviewed By: Kallisto on 07 Feb 2017

Now this modification has some good points, but issues after you defeat the 8 bosses. At first I was at a loss how the hell you beat the Blue Devil Wall, but I ended up finding a few tricks to get around his attacks, but after I got to the very end to face Wily he basically just tore me apart over, and over, and over again. I came to realize there was no real way to avoid his attacks, and I gave up…and I HATE giving up, but I had no choice due to the complete nonsense Wily was dishing out.

Now with the bad out of the way, I want to say the first 8 stages of the game are well put together, and I definitely like some of the enemy placement, but not others, it is a bit of hit or miss situation. The bosses could use some tweaking as a few of them cannot really be dodged unless you are very lucky (few of those cases is Ice Man, Fire Man, etc), but the rest of the bosses I had no real issue with. Another issue I had was the Double Jump ability that was added in this game, sometimes it can be unresponsive, and other times it works, and this led me to saving like a cuck with the savestate..unfortunately this cannot be avoided.

I came close to recommending this romhack, but the last half of the game has a lot of issues with it’s stages, and bosses that made me kind of pissed off.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Fast-Paced and IntenseMother Kojiro22 Nov 20171.0Yes
First half of the game is okay, but the last half is a nightmare!Kallisto07 Feb 20171.0No
A complete hack with fun challegingTimaeus29 Jun 20151.0Yes
Your Style Doesn't Make up for Horrible Level DesignTheLuigiLightning03 Oct 20151.0No