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Tetris Zero

Hack of Tetris


This is a 2 player hack for the NES version of Tetris. In order to accomplish this, the ROM was converted from MMC1 to MMC3. The PRG was expanded to have 2 additional PRG banks.

Also, a custom bankswap routine was added since no bankswap was present in the original ROM. The following features were added:

  • Enabled 2 player mode.
  • Created custom controls for 2nd player on non & in-game screens.
  • Created custom designs for A/B-Type 2 player mode.
  • Created asm to allow 2nd player to have stats shown on in-game screen.
  • Player 2 has the ability to write their name into the scoreboard.
  • Added a new gameplay feature to the B-Type Mode. In B-Type mode, in order to win 25 lines must be cleared. There is now the ability to choose how many lines to clear. There is a choice from 01-80 lines to clear.
  • Player 2 now has the ability to obtain their own game piece, no longer sharing/stealing from player 1.
  • Player 2 now has a proper NEXT piece box, along with working select button to enable/disable display.
  • Player 2 now has the ability to select an additional +10 levels from what they choose from A/B-Type (player 1 can hold the A button down when they have level 0-9 highlighted, and when they press start with A button held, the player will start +10 levels from what was selected. Player 2 can also do the same thing. However, this can only be done while player 2 holds down the B button. When player 1 presses start, player 2 needs to have the B button held down in order to get the +10 level).

The archive also includes a .sav file for those who own a powerpak for the NES.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Tetris.nes
  • CRC32: 110A9ADD
  • MD5: 5C4AB6B03431F7298B19BCAB58E858F0
  • SHA-1: 865849AA2064AB38A5959116E697EBBFDA9F4795
  • SHA-256: A470D8CF85E7C9A32073EF56EE80963BE3D339BA7E36DBDF1EE30FDF09B09211



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
infidelityHackingasm modification

User Review Information

Huge improvement over retail version, but still missing garbage block attacks

Reviewed By: I am Christina Aguilera on 02 Oct 2016

First thing’s first: it’s a internet-known thing at this point that Nintendo R&D1 had a two-player mode for Nintendo’s NES Tetris in development, but that they never completed their work on it. The final, retail-released game is one-player-only, although the very rough, unfinished 2P mode is accessible via a Game Genie code. There are no settings, no different graphics for this mode (sprites just appear on top of the 1P mode in very messy fashion), player 2 has no separate score or separate “next” block.

This hack basically “completes” that 2-player mode in a mostly polished, official-looking manner. 2-player mode has its own functional menu and settings, its own set of background graphics, a separate set of high scores for two-player mode. High scores are permanently saved to an SRAM battery now! Aside from the tacked-on “ZERO” on the title screen, the game resetting after a 2P game instead of announcing who won, and the somewhat confusing “ORIGINAL SCORES - A BUTTON” score erase prompt on the settings screen, the whole thing looks for all the world like a complete Nintendo-made product with a new major feature that wasn’t really there before in the official release.

Now, the bad news. This hack does achieve parity with the “2 Player Competitive” mode from the Tengen NES Tetris release, in that two players can play Tetris simultaneously with separate, functional scores, but like the 2 Player Competitive mode in the Tengen Tetris, what it DOESN’T do, is allow players to send garbage block attacks to mess with their competitor as you can in Nintendo’s Game Boy Tetris and most 2+ player versions of Tetris since. Curiously enough, garbage blocks *were* a part of the unfinished 2-player mode buried in the official release, so I presume that in Infidelity polishing the 2-player mode, something about the garbage blocks must just not have worked glitch-free enough to merit inclusion.

So if you’re looking for the end-all, be-all 2-player Tetris on the NES platform with garbage block attacks, then the Japan-only Tetris 2 + Bombliss (not related to the Tetris 2 that the rest of the world received) or maaaybe the LJ65 homebrew may still be your only choices.

But! If you like the music, the graphics, and the physics of the Nintendo NES Tetris and want it to have a two-player mode like it always should have had? Do you want the best version of the Nintendo NES Tetris that you’ll ever see? This is that hack.

Version Final V2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good concept, but one big flaw..Doomkid06 Aug 2022Final V2Yes
Such a nice polished gametecvoid06 Dec 2021Final V2Yes
Awesome, but...AgentCPU008 Feb 2019Final V2Yes
Huge improvement over retail version, but still missing garbage block attacksI am Christina Aguilera02 Oct 2016Final V2Yes
Nice HackMathUser292929 Nov 2012N/AYes