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Contra - Annihilation of the Green Falcon

Hack of Contra


New contra levels hack and the third hack made with the red falcon editor.

This hack contains new harder levels, 2 weapons slots, manual barrier, infinite lives, enemy have more hp and much more.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Contra (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: A84C30C8
  • MD5: DB43CA2E0BD36B83C2FFA0201DB4D51D
  • SHA-1: 1AF774B9CAA6FD487032714AB07DC261D545EC9B




User Review Information

Green Falcon - Beyond retardness

Reviewed By: Sorinkun on 23 Sep 2016

Hello, my name is Sorinkun and as a big fan of Contra NES franchise I was happy to play this hack with my friend, DANGER X, without knowing too much about it but… after hours and hours of mind blowing traps (not in a good way), lots of misplaced graphics which you cannot avoid to look at (not very important but it matters to me to see a hack with rather professional look, if possible) and… the almighty impossible way of passing the game in 2 players mode without messing with the in-game level to make it actually possible.

I could list a lot of flaws this hack has but I’m not writing novels, so, I’ll keep this short. Oh, and let me tell you that the version you are playing or already played is easier than the one we tested before release. The changes we made made possible passing the game in two players without getting blocked or insta-killed by Running Men or excessive amount of Turret Men (first encountered in level 5).

As I remember, the first four levels aren’t that difficult… but, trust me, if levels 1-5 weren’t hard, levels 1-8 are major pain in the goddamn ass! You will find yourself doing the “down-right, down-right” trick continuously, so many times, that you might get your fingers hurt! And combined with THE SAME trap over and over and over again, it’s pure ragequit! Thanks to my friend which doesn’t give up that easily, we passed the obstacles.

I’m also trying to write here some good things as well, but they are rather few or nonexistent… Oh, if it does count, passing this hack will make you able to pass original contra without dying once!

In conclusion, if you have steel-like nerves and are some tough guy, I recommend you this hack, but, if you are looking for some good Contra hack to play, I won’t recommend this to you since I am sure you will quit after some in-game progress.


  • Respect to Cay Dang for making such hard-as-nails hack and DANGER X for testing it with me!

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Green Falcon - Beyond retardnessSorinkun23 Sep 20161.0No
Another kaizo hackDANGER X19 Sep 20161.1No