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Sorcerian Forever


Game Description:

Sorcerian Forever is an action role playing game for the PC.

Translation Description:

Here is a partial English translation for Sorcerian Forever. Currently this does just the menus, in town areas, and basics. The quest menu and dialogue are unfortunately not done due to compression in the game. This current translation should at least make the game more easier to navigate through when in town.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • PC Windows Version of Sorcerian Forever


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


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User Review Information

Thank you!

Reviewed By: FullExtentOfTheJam on 20 Aug 2016

Can’t find another way to express my gratitude and say thanks for this! I’ve been waiting for for this for a long time. I can finally get past the menus and start playing the actual game.

Still can’t figure out what the quests are all about but that’s ok. Wish I could find a walk through somewhere but I can’t.

This still beats the original EGA PC version from Sierra. That version is so hard on the eyes…

This is still great and would love to see Sorcerian Forever and Sorcerian Original see full translations.

Anyway we can get a script dump for this?

I can’ t thank you enough. So much time has passed that I gave up on something like this ever happening.

Version 0.51b Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Thank you!FullExtentOfTheJam20 Aug 20160.51bYes