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Zelda3 Parallel Remodel

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Parallel Remodel is a remodeled version of the famous Zelda3 hack Parallel Worlds, that we all know as an extremely difficult game. Parallel Worlds is altogether a great technological marvel, with new gfx, various asm patches, completely new overworld and dungeons etc. It has the potential of being even better than Alttp, but the gameplay is somewhat too radical. The backtracking was (in not so rare occasions) escalated to the extreme, the same goes for the health of some enemies. Some intellectual problems in the dark world dungeons are algorithm marvels: sure this is a good thing for math (Euclid really fits his nickname), but this is not a good thing for the player, who can easily give up.

Thus the idea of a remodel was born and was approved by SePH. Parallel Remodel therefore brings the difficulty to normal: backtracking was reduced almost to zero, algorithm problems were replaced, various semi bosses were reduced, special stunts like bomb jumping etc were removed, dark rooms are now lit etc.

Parallel Remodel is a game that’s fair to the player and doesn’t want to force any super tricks, stunts or logic to finish the game, while still having a decent difficulty. It makes Parallel Worlds enjoyable. You don’t have to use save states or cheats to finish the game. You don’t have to be a veteran or a super player either. You will not be frustrated while playing.

Parallel Remodel recreates Parallel Worlds according to the 6 years of revisions from players all over the globe. It is suitable for beginners and veterans, for those who have failed at Parallel Worlds and for those who have finished it, since this game is a lot more than just a plain reduction of sprites.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The - A link to the past [U] [!]
  • CRC32: 777AAC2F
  • MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72
  • SHA-1: 6D4F10A8B10E10DBE624CB23CF03B88BB8252973
  • SHA-256: 66871D66BE19AD2C34C927D6B14CD8EB6FC3181965B6E517CB361F7316009CFB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
EuclidOriginal HackingInitial supervisor, initial dungeon design, ASM
SePHOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
PuzzleDudeHackingRemodel supervisor, beta testing

User Review Information

The Most Controversial Zelda Hacks

Reviewed By: BlueAuraEX on 18 Aug 2016

I’ve been playing this hack for a very long time now, and before I begin, I just wanna thank PuzzleDude for making the game more accessible to anyone who may want to play this game without all the extreme difficulty. That being said, let’s get to the more controversial topic.

The Remodel Vs. The Original

Let me go on record and say that I’ve played the original Parallel Worlds all the way up to Impa’s Ways (when I first entered the Parallel World) without the use of save states. So yes, I know when a game is too difficult or just right so that it’s not pointlessly frustrating. What I’m saying is; The original hack is superior in every way, and I do mean every single way. The hack was clearly structured to accommodate the insane difficulty, much like how the original game, A Link to the Past, was built around it’s own difficulty to appeal to both new players and veterans.

The reason why the Remodel and the original Parallel Worlds are so controversial amidst it’s fans is because the remodel simply can’t recapture the essence of the original hack. The smooth, professional flow of it. Though I adore the Remodel so much that I’m willing to boot it up any time and enjoy it, I can’t just ignore that a lot of it feels poorly structured to accommodate it’s now lower level of difficulty. Coupled with all the new abilities you have still in-tact from the original Parallel Worlds; the Remodel’s even easier than the original game, A Link to the Past!

On the flip side, the original Parallel Worlds is so overly hard that it feels like it was made purely with Save States and Emulator exploits in mind, and even then. It’s. Still. Too. Hard. It completely ruined whatever the creators were trying to accomplish, which was clearly something massive and extraordinary. I will always give Euclid and SePH credit where the credit is due, but they messed up hard when it came to this very vital aspect of a video game.

So then what does this all boil down to? The original Parallel Worlds was too hard, but it was designed to accommodate that. The Remodel isn’t near as hard, but wasn’t designed well enough to accommodate that. A perfect split. I say this because I truly do think this Remodel could use a 1.2 that redesigns it with it’s new difficulty in mind so that the difficulty doesn’t feel so jumpy and unstable.

Some rooms are completely empty, and just have you walking aimlessly with nothing to do. I realize this is probably a very common complaint that PuzzleDude’s fed up of hearing by this point but it’s the absolute truth. Some of these rooms could’ve easily used a few enemies or perhaps a few clever traps here and there to avoid. Heck, just a few enemies to run around at you like morons would be more than enough. Just have “something” in those empty rooms for goodness sake.

The most notable area in which this problem is at it’s worst is the infamous Parallel Tower. The Remodel completely killed it’s atmosphere of being the final dungeon of the game, and rendered every single maiden’s hint useless. In-fact, I’d go so far as to say that their hints should’ve been replaced with just idle banter. At least then it wouldn’t have been as misleading to players who probably never even touched the original Parallel Worlds. It’d be a massive letdown. Heck, it was a letdown for me!

When making a video game (this applies to hacks too) you want to try and make it accessible to as many people as you can. Though no money is involved and there’s nothing to be gained from it other than the satisfaction, wouldn’t you, as a creator, prefer to create something that more people enjoy than just a select few? I know I would, anyways. Also, the counter argument that hacking games isn’t simple to do does make sense to me, since I’m very much aware how hard it actually is, but that doesn’t matter. Developers have all kinds of tools to make their games with, but we can still criticize them!

Ultimately, I do feel this hack’s fun to play and serves as a good way to, at the least, get to experience all of Euclid and SePH’s amazing work without all the pointless hassle. Is it as good and balanced as the original game, A Link to the Past? Not even close. Rather, I like to consider it as a work of art and not like an official game, and with that in mind? Go and download this hack, because trust me, PuzzleDude’s managed to make it much more easy to explore all the amazing ASM hacking and designing that Euclid and SePH spent so many years to make.

If you asked my non-professional opinion though, I’d tell you that Parallel Worlds (Remodel) is better than the original game, A Link to the Past, simply because of the art used for the environments. I’m a sucker for snow, and Parallel Worlds managed to make it look absolutely beautiful and even a tad unsettling. I prefer the Icy World over the Dark World, but again, that’s my non-professional opinion! Parallel Worlds may never truly be as good as A Link to the Past in terms of quality, but the existence of this Remodel shows that PuzzleDude loved it so much, he was willing to go in and make it so those without godly skills could also enjoy it.

And for that, I am very thankful. I’m a skilled gamer (I like to think so) but I’m not absolutely perfect!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good but glitchyAce of Spades24 Dec 20191.1Yes
Beautiful, It seems made by Nintendo professionals!edwinmusic13 Nov 20191.3Yes
Game brokenLonk1211 Jul 20191.3No
Not perfect but goodIscariath31 May 20181.1Yes
The Most Controversial Zelda HacksBlueAuraEX18 Aug 20161.1Yes
Gorgeous but incredibly frustratingSenseiKiwi05 May 20161.1Yes
Totally New Zelda game!wildcompassion13 Apr 20161.1Yes
Parallel dumbed-downViolentForce27 Dec 20151.1No
Well DoneMrEng1neer27 Dec 20141.1Yes
Nice hack with great overworld but bland dungeon designOk Impala!21 Oct 2012N/AYes
Better, but still too hardMidna23 Aug 2012N/ANo
A Much Easier ExperienceKlaviaturist31 Jul 2012N/AYes