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SMB2 Improvement

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 2


This is designed to fix a few small things without changing the game too much.

List of Changes:

  • Restored the sound effect that’s supposed to play when you die. It never worked due to a bug.
  • Restored the missing 8th animation frame for tiles. It was never shown due to a bug.
  • Swapped names for OSTRO and BIRDO in the credits.
  • Changed PRINCESS to PEACH in credits and “contributor” text.
  • Changed “PUSH (A) BUTTON” to “PRESS BUTTON”.
  • Changed CLAWGLIP to CLAWGRIP in credits.
  • Changed HOOPSTAR to HOOPSTER in credits.
  • Changed TRICLYDE to TRYCLYDE in credits.
  • Fixed issue where doing a charge jump makes you throw an item.
  • Fixed POW graphics (The “O” was offset by one pixel in one frame).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 57AC67AF
  • MD5: CCD25B4FA7ACDDEF38D75212AE0E5432
  • SHA-1: 7DF0F595B074F587C6A1D8F47E031F045D540DAE
  • SHA-256: 47BA60FAD332FDEA5AE44B7979FE1EE78DE1D316EE027FEA2AD5FE3C0D86F25A



RHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Perfect hack, also work with Rev A (PRG1)

Reviewed By: madness flame on 12 Jul 2016

Thanks for this hack, I like what it does. It does what it says. And it also works with the version Rev A (PRG1) of the game which is a better version of the game, as a bug was fixed in that version.

About this hack, it fix all the misspelling in the credits; you now have Clawgrip, Hoopster, Tryclyde, Peach, Ostro and Birdo, all correct. Also, Princess is now fixed to Peach in the Contributor.

You also have the sound you’re supposed to have when you lose a life. Just listen to it when you die, you’re supposed to hear that small “pwok” sound. And with this hack, you’ll hear it.

About the 8th animation frame for tiles, if you never heard of this bug, it’s about the animation you can see with the sprites. For instance, if you look at a cherry, if you look carefully, you’ll notice that it doesn’t always move smoothly, just like the letters POW doesn’t move smoothly. But you’ll clearly even more notice the difference after you apply this patch. If you compare before and after, you’ll notice its smoother with the patch.

The only change that I didn’t really understood is: Why changing “Push Start Button” with “Push Start”. Maybe I don’t understand this change because English is not my native language, and maybe I’m not aware that in English it sound awkward to read “Push Start Button”, that is a possibility. But otherwise, if it’s only a matter of preference, as a personal opinion, while this change wasn’t necessary, it doesn’t bother me either, I’m simply wondering the point of this small change.

At the moment I write this review (July 12, 2016), I had 2 options: this hack or the De-Engrish hack also available here. While the De-Engrish hack also looks good, it doesn’t fix triclyde to tryclyde, and it also change a lot more stuff (like writing boom instead of bomb, or re-write the whole story, etc…), and I wanted to keep the game as much like the original as possible, only fixing bugs and misspells things. So, I would recommend this SpiderDave patch more if you prefer to keep the game as much like the original. But if you’re ok to change some more things, the choice is up to you.

Pro: While the game fix bugs and misspells, it doesn’t change many things that you don’t want to be changed. It remain the authentic game we all know, but with these improvements. That is a huge plus for this patch that I really appreciate because it’s what I was looking for. This patch also works with version Rev A (or PRG1) of the game. And I really appreciate it too, because it’s the version I have.

Cons: I can’t really find any at the moment, while I mentioned that I don’t really understand the “Push Start” thing, I don’t see it as a cons, and it actually looks nice, so I don’t care.

Of course I recommend this hack, why not? It only bring improvements.

Version 2015.10.23 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Recommendable, but makes excessive "corrections" while missing an obvious one.Mr. Pennington18 Oct 20202018.6.6Yes
Great, with one anachronistic flawzoinknoise03 Jul 20202018.6.6Yes
PerfectWebSlinger30 Jan 20182015.10.23Yes
Perfect hack, also work with Rev A (PRG1)madness flame12 Jul 20162015.10.23Yes