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Adventures in the Magic Kingdom - With Mickey

Hack of Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom


This graphics only hack replaces the generic cowboy character with the Mouse.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: 300E41B7
  • MD5: 8839403A 475C128E 5BB0B1F1 A5059352
  • SHA1: CC8CB9EE BAAE9C69 5BE7EE96 5E3C8D7C F82C6D18




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User Review Information

Fits in nicely with NES Mickey Mouse games

Reviewed By: Mitsukara on 17 Jun 2016

Mickey’s sprites look pretty good; they’re based on a combination of two other NES Mickey Mouse games, Mickey Mousecapade and Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen (AKA Mickey Mouse: Dream Balloon, and Kid Klown in Night Mayor World), but with some alterations and new bits.

Mickey is edited on the park overhead map, in the two sideview levels, and is even edited to have his head poking up in the back of the train. The collectible stars have also been turned into Mickey heads. The only level which has not been visibly altered is the space ride, which is first person perspective anyway (and Mickey claims to be the ship’s navigator in the opening text even in the original).

There are some limitations here, but I can totally understand why. Mickey is gold and brown because there is no palette hacking, and during his walking animations (in overhead and sideview) his head doesn’t always move quiiiiite right because the original player had a nonanimated hat that’s been converted into the top of Mickey’s head here, which causes some shifting (since Mickey’s whole head moves in the Yume Fuusen sprites). But these are both very minor quibbles, and it still looks pretty good; better than some SMB1 sprite hacks I’ve seen. (too bad there’s no Mario - Mickey hacks, hah!)

The story has not been altered, but oddly enough this mostly works; Mickey still looks at the audience and says asks “you” to find the keys, and gives various other instructions to the player, but there’s no reason Mickey couldn’t be asking for some fourth wall assistance to do it himself I guess. However, there is the oddity that people in the park who ask trivia questions identify you as “Mickey’s friend” (doubly humorous if you say your name is Mickey, so now you’re Mickey’s friend Mickey); maybe they’re also talking to the fourth wall and just ignoring Mickey, as they keep the key from him? Jerks.

I don’t actually like the original Adventures in the Magic Kingdom all that much, but this hack actually makes me enjoy playing it for some reason, and makes it fit in better with other NES Mickey Mouse games. So this is a definite improvement.

(But if you, the reader, have never played any of the games I’m talking about in this review, then make sure you try Yume Fuusen/Dream Balloon, that one’s a genuinely great game. For that matter, as long as I’m arbitrarily recommending unrelated things, if you don’t care for Mickey himself- but are still reading this??- I’d suggest watching some of the earliest cartoons, from 1928-1935, like “The Shindig”, “The Delivery Boy”, and “The Picnic”).

Anyway, this is a neat thing for people who like Mickey Mouse. Thanks for making it!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fits in nicely with NES Mickey Mouse gamesMitsukara17 Jun 20161.0Yes