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New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!

Hack of New Super Mario Bros.


New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe! replaces all of the level layouts with the ones from “Super Mario bros. 1″ and “The Lost Levels”. The original levels have been recreated faithfully.

Some Features:

  • Level expansions, that adds custom areas in which the starcoins are hidden; to most levels.
  • New graphics are also implemented, such as tilesets, bottom screen backdrops, level backgrounds, and edited worldmap textures.
  • Includes all the levels from SMB1, and all the levels from TLL, including Worlds 9,A,B,C & D.
  • Original retro graphics have been update to fit in with the NSMB style.
  • The original theme of the original levels have been preserved.
  • The bowser Jr. fights have been modified to add more challenge.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).nds
  • Patch lenght: 771.114 bytes
  • CRC32: 0197576A
  • MD5: A2DDBA012E5C3C2096D0BE57CC273BE5
  • SHA-1: A22713711B5CD58DFBAFC9688DADEA66C59888CE
  • SHA-256: 9F67FEF1B4C73E966767F6153431ADA3751DC1B0DA2C70F386C14A5E3017F354



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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Special Considerations

Reviewed By: pinet on 12 Jun 2016

Finally I finished playing the Deluxe version. I had forgotten how were the old games.

The old games… not like today. Current video game players have many facilities like auto-save, check-points, save-points, self-adjusting difficulty level, infinite continues, selectable levels, changing worlds choice, etc.

In old time there was no such thing. I had forgotten the first classic of the Mario series. It was difficult for me in that time. Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, in my opinion, had a very interesting progressive level of difficulty. From my point of view the difficulty was not linear, but hyperbolic!… a thing that I never considered very nice from the original Nintendo game. The first worlds are exciting, motivating and easy. But the last worlds are becoming almost impossible to pass.

When I reached the world 8 in “Deluxe”, I found funny how Nintendo thought a few decades ago. There were levels so hard to finish that just few players did not scream, at least once, to die consecutively at some level in the world 8.

There are pipes to warp zones that compulsory lead you to a previous played worlds; crazed “Lakitus” throwing shells on the player from the start to end of path; hammer brothers everywhere, in every corner. Not to mention the “Bullet Bills,” seemingly insurmountable pits, or annoying sequence of pipes to complete nothing intuitive levels.

But Nintendo has learned from the consecutive complaints of his players and refined gradually the genre of your favorite game. But this is not a review about the designed levels from Nintendo.

The “Deluxe” version remade almost entirely the fantastic experience of playing the easier levels, well as the harder levels.

The levels are very detailed and fidelity can be seen in different tilesets and in some backgrounds found.

In the same world, you can find a level where the player can pick up a dozen lives and in the subsequent level, losing another dozen lives just to get in the middle of this same level.

The Star Coins are scattered in three ways:

  • Easy to pick up and clearly visible on the same main road.
  • Visible from the main path, but not so easy to catch.
  • Little bit hard, hidden in parallel paths accessed by pipes or bean trees.

My final perspective:

  • Graphics: retro
  • Difficulty: Easy-Normal (World 1 to 4), Normal-Hard (5 to 7), Hard (World 8)
  • Entertainment: guarantee of fun (until World 8)
  • Quality: excellent
  • Sound: normal
  • Gameplay: you will not regret it
  • Final Media: 4.5/5.0 (very recommended)

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

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A Tale of Two HacksPowerPanda15 Feb 20181.2Yes
Special Considerationspinet12 Jun 20161.2Yes