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Vector the Crocodile in Sonic the Hedgehog

Hack of Sonic the Hedgehog


This is a hack which replaces the main character with Vector the Crocodile in the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. Vector the Crocodile is a character first playable in Knuckles Chaotix and later playable in Sonic Heroes. His abilities are based on those found in Knuckles Chaotix. Moves include a spindash, air dash, and wall climb. The move list can be found in the readme. As in Chaotix Vector has reduced jump height and acceleration, making Vectors air dash move all the more valuable.

The hack is based on a ROM in BIN format. The patch has not been tested on ROMs in other formats. Due to data shifting in the ROM resulting in a large IPS patch the patch is in xdelta Format.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog (USA_ Europe).md - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: F9394E97
  • MD5: 1BC674BE034E43C96B86487AC69D9293
  • SHA-1: 6DDB7DE1E17E7F6CDB88927BD906352030DAA194
  • SHA-256: 46160BAA06362C711C9F1A5017CB7371026444936C8AF5E93A78996CF32FF2A6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Pretty nice hack

Reviewed By: MathUser2929 on 07 Jun 2016

This is a great hack. I love these character in Sonic game hacks. As usual, the character plays just the same as his most famous appearance, in this case Knuckles Chaotix. While you can’t really find anything new with his powers, it’s still a different way to play the original Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s complete too so no glitchy sprites or anything. Recommended.

Version Rev 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pretty nice hackMathUser292907 Jun 2016Rev 1.4Yes