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FInal Fantasy IX ATB Gauge SpeedUp

Hack of Final Fantasy IX


These patches makes the ATB gauge move faster. Please consult the readme file for more information.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SLUS-01251 (Final Fantasy IX Disc 1)
  • SLUS-01295 (Final Fantasy IX Disc 2)
  • SLUS-01296 (Final Fantasy IX Disc 3)
  • SLUS-01297 (Final Fantasy IX Disc 4)




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User Review Information

Great Idea in Theory....Pretty Terrible in Practice

Reviewed By: magictrufflez on 27 Mar 2016

I (and most everyone else who has played FF9) definitely felt the same way the creator of this patch did about the ATB bar in FF9. It’s so much slower than other FF’s, and it does artificially lengthen gameplay quite a bit. When I saw this patch, I thought “THANK GOD”, and decided to give it a try.

It works as advertised, but with a number of side effects that artificially increase the games difficulty in a very bad way. Firstly, this patch essentially acts as a sort of “fast-forward button” on everybody’s ATB, including enemies. Since enemies do not have to scroll through menus to select their actions, this means that their basically instantaneous action selection enables almost everything in this game to be WAY faster than you with this patch (with the exceptions of preemptive attacks and when you get lucky and the enemies’ ATB starts super low). When nasty encounters arise, this is a huge disadvantage.

Second, not only are the ATB affected by this fast forward, but so are the ticks for status effects. This means petrify and doom timers move at ridiculous speeds (which makes a number of fights centered around them nightmares–especially doom since there are no ways I’m aware of to immunize yourself from it), as well as the ticks for other status effects like poison/venom. If you do not clear these ASAP with this hack activated, you will die a pretty terrible death…very fast. This also basically makes all support magic other than auto-skills worthless as the faster ticks cause them to wear off EXTREMELY fast.

Finally, compounding all of the above mess, ATB does not pause for actions in battle while they are happening, which still happen at exactly the same speeds as normal. This means that if you have a character who just got slapped with doom, and another character executes a long-animation attack right afterwards (like, say, a swordtech), you can be assured your doomed character will be dead (or very close) by the end of that action thanks to this speedup. This is a massive problem in many parts of the game.

You can get around some of all this mess by exploiting the menu pauses in wait-mode, but you shouldn’t have to resort to tricks like that to use something billed as an assist.

There are just too many unintended consequences of the way this patch is designed for me to recommend it to anyone (doubly so for anyone playing a hard-type hack).

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Not as bad as you've been led to believe.jmd648802 Aug 20201.0Yes
Great Idea in Theory....Pretty Terrible in Practicemagictrufflez27 Mar 20161.0No