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Castlevania - Dark Version

Hack of Castlevania


This is a hack that simply changes “Castlevania”’s color palette to a more grimy one. Levels are now dark and musty-looking, with most of their colors changed to create a gloomy and eerie atmosphere. Gray isn’t used as much as in the original, so that the backgrounds don’t appear too dull. The sprites’ color palettes also have been changed, in order to stick out more.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • CRC32: 5C7F34F6
  • MD5: 95ED9C387D46008DFF0800EC55AE285C
  • SHA-1: 1375BAAA21FEFB8A39259F70096199F94EF811CE
  • SHA-256: 0428A63F3CFAB0A5DE5E68FE96B0FD613FED90B1B928E637F3476425E5ADE640
  • Castlevania(USA).nes




User Review Information


Reviewed By: BlazeHeatnix on 06 Jan 2016

I went into this expecting something like F0’s “Moody” hack for CV2. The backgrounds have interesting color choices to make them look moodier, but I found they made me more depressed instead. Some choices are very questionable, like water having a dark grey look that makes it look like gravel. The background colors also take some of the detail away from the scenery, such as the statues in level 3 now looking like greenish blobs.

The enemies and items look much worse though. I played up to level 3, and every enemy and boss I came across was either completely grey, or this ugly bright shade of red. I’m guessing this was done in an attempt to make them look scarier or “bloody” but it just doesn’t work, especially when it’s applied to every non-boney enemy in the game, like crows (?!)

So while I appreciate the attempt to make the game moodier, I don’t like the result. This is no substitute for the original.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
StunningMother Kojiro19 Apr 20161.0Yes
UglyBlazeHeatnix06 Jan 20161.0No