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New Super Mario Bros. - Origins

Hack of New Super Mario Bros.


Here is a full hack for the New Super Mario Bros. which changes the levels to those of the classic Super Mario Bros. for the NES and also with the Lost Levels added as well.

Here is a demonstration video below.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • CRC32: 0197576A
  • MD5: A2DDBA012E5C3C2096D0BE57CC273BE5
  • SHA-1: A22713711B5CD58DFBAFC9688DADEA66C59888CE
  • SHA-256: 9F67FEF1B4C73E966767F6153431ADA3751DC1B0DA2C70F386C14A5E3017F354




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SKJminHackingProject Lead
xXchainchomp01HackingSound Hacking

User Review Information

Not for Dummies

Reviewed By: pinet on 28 Dec 2015

I never thought to buy a real Nintendo DS, until I have the opportunity to see the development of this version.

In a certain way, the alternative versions of the games encouraged me to get this handheld game system. A curiosity, even though very popular in Brazil, it was a little hard to find a unit of this, because even here, DS is no longer manufactured, but just 3DS. So I find and bought the original game to see and study the differences.

In the other hand, on the plus side, these alternative versions extend the lifetime and sale of products associated with all these systems. In addition, increases the disclosure procedure for other related products. So, from a business view, it is extremely positive for Nintendo, because it encourages the consumer market niche (like me) to study, enjoy and acquire new products.

Still in the positive side could be, for some developers, an honor to see an alternative project to be repressed by producers and copyright holders. This means that the amateur work became good enough and interesting to reach a new professional level, to attract the people’s attention. if I may say, for example, as happened with the warning to the MarioFanatic64 developer, about the game NSMB 5 Clone Tag Team.

Spoiller: Getting stuck in Origins 1.0 - Designed deadlocks?:

At the moment of this comment, still using my self like example, user can be completely lost even if just want get out the level without break the buttons. In the World 5 - ghost house from Origins (1.0), an inexperienced player can take time-out all the time:

First, uncover sufficient hidden blocks in the several linked rooms from the doors of the main hall. Then, get the mushroom in the third door to the right of the first main door (where the level started). After big, do not break any block. Just enter again in the door, go to the main door at center of hall, and get the micro-mushroom inside the room. In this point, there is no other intuitive or evident red mushroom inside the rooms. Bingo! Now, just watch the time go out, if you don’t lose a life before that. Is this a designed deadlock? If so, may be a good time to put on the road guides and reviews about this game version, unless this is not the final stable release of this version.

Final opinion:

I played “Origins” directly on DS and, generally speaking, is a powered remake. It’s union the best levels form the two classic’s Mario projects: Super Mario 1 and The Lost Levels. The game give other new levels too.

Although a true work of art and months of effort, “NSMB Origins” can be still a very difficult game in some moments and is not recommended for the dummies who just want to jump and run. Some levels are easy and fun. The player can get a lot of 1-Up Mushrooms in a level and receive a beautiful game-over in the near next castle.

If the newbie player does not have a guide, reach the right pipes and correct places will be a frustrating method of try and error. And forget the Star Coins, because these are very well hidden. It’s still good to turn sound on to know the right pattern for the “Repeated Path Castles”.

This commentary is afraid to say that NSMB Origins (1.0) would miss the goal for the little ones those want funny in Mario games.

In other hand, “Origins” 1.0 is much more easy than New Super Mario Bros 3 version. “Origins” seems to be intended built in a Nintendo directive: easy to play, hard to master. May be a little bit hard to master than easy to play.

New Super Mario Bros. Origins: My final available: 4/5 - Strongly Recommended!

Thanks for attention, Pinet -[]

Version 1.0a Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Tale of Two HacksPowerPanda15 Feb 20181.0aNo
Not for Dummiespinet28 Dec 20151.0aYes