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New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team

Hack of New Super Mario Bros.


In New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team, the story is the same -kind of. Upon entering the first level, Mario comes across a Clone of himself who mimics his actions precisely. In this unique Mario hack, the levels are designed to test you. The Clone can help you through the hardest places, and can make the easiest situations hard. Can YOU become a Master of Clones?

Updated to Bugfix Release v1.1 as of 25 Nov 2012

Updated to Bugfix Release v1.2 as of 21 Feb 2013

Updated to Bugfix Release v1.3 as of 16 Sep 2013

Download the readme to learn how to apply the .nmp patch contained in the .rar

PLEASE READ THE README! The readme contains information about future updates that you can’t miss!

Be sure to look out for Clone Tag Team 2 in 2014!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).nds
  • Patch lenght: 771.114 bytes
  • CRC32: 0197576A
  • MD5: A2DDBA012E5C3C2096D0BE57CC273BE5
  • SHA-1: A22713711B5CD58DFBAFC9688DADEA66C59888CE
  • SHA-256: 9F67FEF1B4C73E966767F6153431ADA3751DC1B0DA2C70F386C14A5E3017F354



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
MARIOFANATIC64LevelsAll levels but World 7 are original and by MARIOFANATIC64. World 7 levels are remakes of classic Mar
orengefoxMusicThis hack uses orengefox's NSMB Sound & Music Hack 1.5
carlytoonGraphicsVarious Tilesets
CopperMarioGraphicsVarious Backgrounds
MARIOFANATIC64GraphicsVarious Tilesets & Backgrounds
MARIOFANATIC64DesignVarious Graphics such as the Title Logo

User Review Information

The Experience

Reviewed By: pinet on 27 Dec 2015

I played “CTT”. More layouts, more worlds, more … Marios.

The initial fear:

I was a little suspicious, but I decided to download the Double Pack Clone Tag Team version. ROM generated. Time to save the memory card. Suspense … Here comes the title screen, specifically in the upper side of the left corner of the screen. Funny. More Suspense … Tell me Alfred Hitchcock, what can I expect from the rest of this Clone Tag Team version?

The reality is that I already had a certain prejudice in this release. This is because, before playing, I decided to read all about what others have written on NSMBHD Forum. Views were countless. Some described about incredible difficulty of controlling the clones. Other problems pointed over tilesets, bugs, glitches and more difficult to control the clones.

The surprise:

Do not let fear set in my head. I ventured. Gradually the fear turned curiosity. And the curiosity turned challenge. The idea of playing with two Marios was new. Totally unique. But I can not lie: it is really difficult. But the layout seem to have been designed for that every problem could be resolved with the clones.

Dorothy, follow the yellow brick road!

Play with two Marios is not the difficulty. The difficulty is really figure out how to keep your clone live, while the player faces a bunch of enemies and a lot of holes along the way.

There is always another way:

But if you consider yourself a mediocre player (like me), you can still breathe between one level and another. This is because not all stages have clones. If you got to the middle of a stage where is great difficulty, then you can die without fear. Mario can end alone the rest of the stage, without having to load the clone. Once you get to master your clone, it’s time to figure out what to do with it. The best thing is not to let the clone away from you. Play together is the best strategy (in most cases).

If you still fail to play with a clone, there is always another way. You can play with Luigi, pressing “L + R” buttons on the game screen. This allows the player appreciate the beauty game landscape and enjoy the gameplay of levels, without having to worry about being a clone nanny.

The Old and the New in Clone Tag Team:

The levels are very well designed. The scenarios mix new and retro in a perfect composition. In some parts of game is possible to identify ancient levels, for example, SMB2, SMB3 and SMW, strategically placed. Dotted here and there. Never overstated. There are always new things to do. There are positioned tilesets, with totally new form, and levels that defy gravity and funny worlds to explore.

Thanks for StarCoins!

The best thing that happened to me while playing Clone Tag Team are the Starcoins. If you are in the struggle, need to save the game, and is still far away from any castle, you can use your Starcoins without fear.

The Starcoins are strategically positioned at each level in the best possible way. You can always count on at least one of them. The Starcoins are distributed as follows: – An easy. – A not so easy. – And hidden in front of your face, but you just did not notice because run so fast away the place like someone who has to pee!

My final comments is that “Clone Tag Team” blend beauty, novelty, balance of difficulty and originality. If you complete Clone Tag Team, will have the opportunity to see some very interesting credits. It’s a game that will captivate.

My final perspective:

  • Graphics: excelent
  • Difficulty: Normal-Hard (Mario); Balanced (Luigi)
  • Entertainment: guarantee of fun
  • Quality: excelent
  • Sound: remix
  • Gameplay: you will not regret it
  • Final Media: 4.3/5.0 (very recommended)

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The Experiencepinet27 Dec 20151.3Yes