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Shin Zelda Densetsu Final

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


Shin Zelda Densetsu is a complete overwrite of The Legend of Zelda, made by Lord Steak over 10 years ago. In a novel twist, the player must guide Princess Zelda on a quest to rescue Link from the forces of evil.

The overworld has been completely revamped, with few landmarks or routes recognizable from the original game, if any.

The same goes for the dungeons. Instead of numbered dungeons, they are identified using symbols of the Zodiac, another interesting twist.

The bugfixed version of the game released by Chris Miller was perfect except for one game breaking bug; it was impossible to get the Raft in the 2nd Quest. That has been fixed, so that the player can beat the game in it’s entirety. Other changes have been made to the game.

The original readme is included in the file with the updated patch. A Word document listing all the changes made to the game is also included.

Use the PRG-0 version of the rom. PRG-1 version will cause glitches.

Lunar IPS is recommended for patching.

Update 11/10/2014: There was an unintended bug in Level-7 in the 2nd Quest. In the second room, there is a room full of yellow Wizzrobes. After beating them and pushing the block, a chime could be heard, but nothing else happens. This has been fixed. Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience.

Update 5/29/2016: Apparently, in Level-9 in the first quest it was impossible to access the Old Man’s room with the text message “Patra Has the Map.” without using glitches because of the block puzzles. This has been fixed. In the overworld screen with the heart container, I also removed a cave with a door repair fee that was impossible to access.

Update 1/18/2021: Almost five years after the last update, and I completely forgot that there was a shortage of keys in Level-5 of the 2nd Quest, thus necessitating the purchase of a key for a hefty price. An extra key was added to that dungeon address this problem.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [!].nes
  • CRC32: D7AE93DF
  • MD5: 337BD6F1 A1163DF3 1BF26336 65589AB0
  • SHA1: DAB79C84 934F9AA5 DB4E7DAD 390E5D0C 12443FA2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Lord SteakOriginal HackingOriginal Author
Chris MillerHackingInitial Bugfixing
Darklink7884Hacking2nd Quest Bugfixing

User Review Information

Zelda's Heresy

Reviewed By: ViolentForce on 27 Dec 2015

I remember playing the First Shin Zelda Densetsu, it sucked because you couldn’t beat the game because level 3 was bugged, 2nd quest was unplayable, and couldn’t complete the game, after seeing DarkLink7884 had fixed the bugging I had to try it again.

Some of the areas are the same as it was in the original, nothing much has changed expect some lighting have changed in the dungeons and items aren’t bugged when you try to pick up bombs from the shop

The things I disliked where needing to grind to get rupees to buy items and most needed potions, having to pay the old man either -50 rupees or heart container in most of the dungeons, there where to many Dodongos in the dungeons, If you didn’t know the bomb trick to kill Dodongos you could easily get stuck in a door-closed area and have to do a game-over and start again. Not having the dungeons numbered and using the symbols of the Zodiac I didn’t really like but if you remembered it wasn’t that hard to get lost.

Some of the items are hard to find, like bombing random walls and burning random bushes to find Heart containers and sword up-grades but that’s the point when playing Zelda I

This is a great hack and I’m glad it was fixed and re-done right, still haven’t tried the 2nd quest, but I plan to do that soon, fans of Zelda I will like the game if you can patience. Great part is you play as Zelda and have to save Link from Ganon


Version 3.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Zelda's HeresyViolentForce27 Dec 20153.1Yes