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Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II

Hack of Super Mario World


Here it is, 8 months after Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I, isaix finally released Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II.

This hack features:

  • 79 new levels(more than the original SMW)
  • Over 100 custom music
  • Custom graphics
  • New boss fights
  • New power ups
  • Custom palettes
  • A bit harder than the original game
  • Redesigned Overworld Map
  • And more…

7/16/2015 V1.1 update:

The main reason for this update is to make some of the difficult levels a bit easier to go through, because some levels turned out to be a bit harder than originally intended. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Some Levels were edited to be easier
  • Some of the slowdowns were removed
  • Extra time was added to most speedrun levels
  • Some palettes were altered
  • The levels “Dark Matter Factory” and “Dark Factory -Hard-” were renamed “Gear Foundry” and “Gear Foundry (Hard)” and the level “Hornet Garden” was renamed “Hornet Factory”
  • Minor changes were made to further connect Episode 2 to Episode 3
  • 1ups and Powerups were added in some levels
  • The level Metal Saw Base is now a red dot on the overworld map like originally intended
  • An extra patch was added to prevent Yoshi to exit levels
  • And other minor changes were made

Have fun!!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
  • CRC32: A31BEAD4
  • MD5: DBE1F3C8F3A0B2DB52B7D59417891117
  • SHA-1: 553CF42F35ACF63028A369608742BB5B913C103F




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User Review Information

Just play it already

Reviewed By: Timaeus on 06 Dec 2015

Better than the first episode,this hack keeps suprising me a lot.The musics are still awesome and lovely to hear,every single one of it.Is one great musics after another until the end.

Some custom stuffs that deserves attention:the Wario castle,were in the end you fight Wario himself(a fight that I never thought I will see),the goomba castle,were instead of boss,you must kill all the goombas(including big goombas and gigantic goombas)in the currect screen reach the next screen,all the customized enemies(no spoilers),the awesome musics again,all the customized bosses in general(every single one of them)were everyone have their own strategies and varieties(like the 30s survival,bowser jr,the red thrower crab,etc.No ugly koopa kids involved)the 32 bit ghaphics and custom ghaphics(including the night and sunset levels,were all the sprites are black),all the creative and clever puzzles and sections,like the rocket barrel section,imitating the flappy bird game(easier of course),etc

Some others stuffs that I like,the speed city,with the arrows that launch you in that direction very fast(BUT,it does have glitches like warping through the walls and dying when you hit the wall too fast,it must be fixed that),the snow city,with the cops chasing you,that mountain level where you have to shot yourself in barrels to proceed.

But maybe my favorite level is definitely the season stage,where you can use a red pipe to warp to any season(also because of the funny music),some seasons are harder to get through,some are easier.And when you change the season,the enemies graphics,placements and the background changes as well to combine with it.This level was so catchy that I decide to get through all the seasons.I like that.

Of course there´s more and more to explore in this hack.This is one of those hacks that makes you cry when you have to turn off the computer,just because how good it is.But of course it has save-state sections like every single hack,but it does worth it.

Enough said,just download it

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Just play it alreadyTimaeus06 Dec 20151.1Yes
Second Verse, Different than the FirstGabrielJohn12 Jan 20151.0Yes
A great way to lose your hair, seriouslySparkbomber03 Jun 2013N/AYes
VIP-likecurses27 May 2013N/AYes