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beat is the canonical tool for working with beat-protocol files.

BPS Is meant as a successor to the IPS file format.

BPS patches support files of any size, unlike IPS which is limited to files that are 16 MB or less.

BPS patches encode checksums of the original file, the modified file, and the patch itself. This allows patchers to alert users when the wrong original file is used to apply a patch, unlike IPS that will silently produce a corrupted file with no warning.

beat v1 is licensed under GNU GPLv3. The source code can be found at

Note that a v2 version exists in source code form, licensed under ISC, which can be found at


User Review Information

A great utility for patch releasing!

Reviewed By: mrrichard999 on 31 Oct 2015

When you have a patch to release, this utility is one I started using and highly recommend. A lot of times people have issues with having the wrong ROMs and you may get endless questions on why it don’t work with the ROM due to headers and also people using different dumps. This solves it as it will come up as the patch being inapplicable which helps the user figure out that either they need the correct ROM or need to apply a header to it so they get the correct ROM patched to fully enjoy what was released. In some instances this utility also does a much better job with space when creating a patch as well. If you are strictly an IPS patch maker, you should try using this and compare. It is a more efficient way of patch creating and it seems to be the better way to go when it comes to ROM hacking.

Version v01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Useless as a delta patcherzikey16 Oct 2019v1No
A great utility for patch releasing!mrrichard99931 Oct 2015v01Yes