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Hack of The Legend of Zelda



In the land of Hyrule, a hero was born. His task; to save the princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda.

His name was Link, and he was proclaimed the Hero of Time.


2 years after saving Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the dark lord Gannon, A massive earthquake woke our hero Link.

It seemed that Gannon had risen from his grave to destroy Hyrule. Again, he had stolen Princess Zelda, and had filled Hyrule with beasts.

Link, having figured he had rested Ganon safely in hell, had been slacking off in his bed in the palace, as king of Hyrule.

After the earthquake, he had to once again equip himself and navigate the new landscapes of Hyrule.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG 0).nes
  • CRC32 3FC5948F
  • MD5 F30E3BD2F45051DB6A250832F2E978D6
  • SHA-1 960EB865F6EB1E32BBDAA1ADA9F0E42215CA7E76




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Mako GesherLevels

User Review Information

Mako, I love your Zelda hack!

Reviewed By: Ck on 31 Aug 2015

I’ve always been a Legend of Zelda fan, and this hack does not disappoint!

Mako Gesher made some very clever, yet subtle, changes to the LoZ overworld. All in all, I would say that this hack has made for a very fun and challenging game that will keep you treasure-hunting for many hours. This hack has made it both familiar yet more challenging to navigate.

It’s specially nice for those playing the hack in alternate players, like Android devices or the Chrome OS, since the flash player at works okay: for me, sound works perfectly on all of the Intel-based Chromebooks I tried it on, while I had to turn off sound on an ARM-chip Chromebook that chokes on the game sounds and music, but not a deal breaker for me since I can leave it off or simply play some youtube zelda tunes in the background.

I even used the DOSbox chrome app and ips DOS tool from this site to patch my LoZ rom right in the chromebook, which simply rocks!

Again, for fans who don’t use Windows, real Linux or Macs like myself who are unable to play the Zelda Classic platform, a hack like this is really great!

Now for some spoilers, so if you want to play it with no specifics whatsoever, you don’t have to read any further.

I would definitely recommend this hack to fans of the game!

Again, kudos to the hack maker, thanks, Mako! :D

Okay, enough chit chat, here come some juicy details of the hack itself:

While some places have remained the same, like dungeon locations, as well as the dungeons themselves, many of the usual places for items have been shuffled around the overworld. It was like a whole new treasure hunt for Zelda fans like myself.

Everything that is visible, with the exception of areas that haven’t been seemingly blocked-off, are reachable and attainable just as long as you use the right tools to get them.

I attained all but two “crosses”, which are the heart container symbols used in this hack.

And while the original gives you various grades of weapons and items, in this hack the only weapon I was able to upgrade once was my sword. The third sword may still be lurking somewhere, but I had no success in finding it!

The game may or may not be complete since I have not been able to find two levels.

Not counting the missing “upgraded” or “lower grade” weapons and/or items, I was unable to get three other inventory items, two of which were from one of the levels I was unable to get to. Thankfully, the level items were not that big of a deal, but the third item would have really come in handy; hey, I’m trying to keep my review as spoiler-friendly as possible for those players that want to discover this hack on their own! I think I’ve given enough hints to figure out most of the missing items :)

Having shared my piece on this hack, if anyone has any clues as to how to advance to the final two levels, if that’s even possible in this game, I’d love to know! Now, if someone wants to be a hero, maybe they could modify this hack to make it possible, or maybe just simpler, to navigate to the missing areas of the overworld. That would help preserve my sanity in trying to complete the game!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Mako, I love your Zelda hack!Ck31 Aug 20151.0Yes
Was ok, but left it after playing a few dungeonsMrEng1neer18 Jun 2014N/AYes