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Secret of Mana Hard Mode

Hack of Secret of Mana


  • The Game runs in NTSC-Mode. It’s 20% faster than the PAL-Version (only interesting for PAL-Users)
  • Changed Status from enemies and bosses (Lv, HP/MP, Strength, Agility, Defense, Magic Defense, Magic Lv, Treasure)
  • Changed Status from characters at higher levels (Status, needed EXP)
  • Changed Defense from Equipment
  • More treasure traps included
  • Spear changed to cursed Spear
  • Increased costs for Weapon Upgrades
  • Increased costs for Items
  • Almost every spell has different MP costs
  • Ruby Armet can be found as regular item
  • Some small changes
  • added introscreen

NOTE: This Patch works with all versions of Secret of Mana (Jap, US, and all PAL versions). A special patch is included for those that want to also use FuSoYa’s Variable Width Font hack (for US version only).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Mana (USA).smc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: D0176B24
  • MD5: 10A894199A9ADC50FF88815FD9853E19
  • SHA-1: 8133041A363E3CC68CEDEF40B49B6D20D03C505D
  • SHA-256: 4C15013131351E694E05F22E38BB1B3E4031DEDAC77EC75ABECEBE8520D82D5F




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A Ridiculous Level-Grinding Mess

Reviewed By: sonic.penguin on 18 Aug 2015

While the intiial idea of a ramped up difficulty intrigued me as a fan of the series who has beaten the game more times than a sane person should, the difficulty of this mod is nothing short of a lesson in save-state hacking.

The monster difficulty is ridiculous with rabites killing you in 3 hits in the early game to the bosses which spam multiple high-damage-hits, killing your whole party without even a chance to heal, that is, unless they 1 shot your party 5 seconds into the battle. Getting past Spikey in Elinee’s Castle caused me to savestate hack just to stay alive and avoid the 1 shot party kills.

There is TOO MUCH grinding necessary just to get enough MP and magic levels just to progress past each area. Increasing the cost of armors was a good idea except that you cannot even buy healing items or especially Fairy Walnuts at $6000 a pop until you get to Matango which makes using magic useless until that point. It seems that this mod just randomly adds ub3r stats to each monster/boss without much playtesting.

While being only one of the few SOM difficulty mods, it unfortunately will put a bad taste in your mouth as the mod is sadly not very welll thought out. The mechanics of this game are totally off and it is not very enjoyable as it is not *HARD* but rather impossible without item, leveling, and exp hacking codes.

Version 1.0.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A Ridiculous Level-Grinding Messsonic.penguin18 Aug 20151.0.2No
Challenging! Brutal, but fully playable!!dominic2007200702 Jul 20151.0.2Yes
Brutal, Brutal, Brutalmagictrufflez01 May 20151.0.2No