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Shining Force 2, Challenge Mode

Hack of Shining Force II


This hack makes the monsters much stronger, and improves the weaker force members to better balance the team. Many members have new spells and abilities. Most monsters have double HP, 10% more attack and 10% more defense. Boss monsters are much harder. A comprehensive list of changes is included in the readme file.

Version 1.01 (released 6/30/2008) further improves the Zeon battle. It is compatible with saves from previous versions, provided those saves weren’t made during the Zeon battle.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Shining Force II (USA).md - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 4815E075
  • MD5: 6473B1505334EF5620D13191C18251FE
  • SHA-1: 22DEFC2E8E6C1DBB20421B906796538725B3D893
  • SHA-256: 9ADF662D09881F58EC37D174AB01E87A7FCFB24700B5F84B26C0CD4F351509E9




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Obob brings challenge and character balance togeth

Reviewed By: Zzasikar on 18 Oct 2010

Quite simply - this hack (version 1.01) is what the Super difficulty mode of the game (hardest difficulty) SHOULD have been like.

But just leaving it at that doesn’t give Obob enough credit for this masterpiece. Not only does he manage to turn up the difficulty level to a decently challenging level that at the same time is not impossible by any means; he also manages to give each and every character in the game a strategical use with the careful rebalancing he has undertaken.

On top of this, the original ‘feeling’ of the game is not lost - although a lot of work has obviously gone into this hack, Obob has changed very little outside of the characters and monsters leaving the original content of the game mostly untouched and thus not ruining this game’s fantastic ‘Shining’ atmosphere.

Maybe you’ve played through Shining Force II a few times and you wish you could get back that initial feeling of challenge and urgency in the battles. Maybe you’re sick of using the same characters on each and every playthrough because some of them simply aren’t viable enough. Or maybe you’re new to the Shining series but have played other, harder SRPG titles such as Fire Emblem (or are a veteran of other ‘Shining’ games and have not yet taken the delve into Shining Force II yet) and are afraid Shining Force II simply will not be challenging enough for you. Whatever the case, look no further - you’ve found the hack for you.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
favorite hack so farNiggelMyNiggel02 Sep 20171.01Yes
Obob brings challenge and character balance togethZzasikar18 Oct 2010N/AYes
Breathes new life into an old classicstordarth27 Aug 2009N/AYes