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Gens r57shell Mod

Debuggers / Special Emulators


This modification of Gens emulator by r57shell contains powerful m68k debugger, VDP RAM editor, Planes Explorer, Hex Editor for registers of RAM/VRAM/Z80/ etc., Tracer functionality, Lua scripts support.

The MUST HAVE tool for every Genesis/Mega Drive romhacker!


User Review Information

better than most

Reviewed By: Ti_ on 29 May 2015

Main advantages: Based on gens-rr-11c mod (GMV,avi,lua,32-bit color) and restore some features of Kmod. Friendly debugger window - with colored/highlight and big font! Creates a code mapping files for IDA. VDP - pal dump in various formats. Hex-editor with ability to change and dump various memory. Features: pink background, sprites boxing. Many non-debug emulator improvements.

Disadvantages: Can’t debug code if it’s in RAM. Missed vdp-registers window (Kmod). Not so much features as in FCEUX debugger. Can’t open 10 MB rom, however can open 8 MB (not a big problem, but Mega-Everdrive can). When you do a sprite dump, you can’t open *.bmp file with some editors (paint,xnview), Some opcodes wrong shows (MOVE #imm,sr, OR #imm,sr). Trace logger sometimes cut off repeatable code or skip some parts, that makes impossible to trace bugs with *.log (not sure maybe this fixed in r665?).

Alternate debugger emulator to use - Exodus 2.0.1 (but it’s require core_i7).

Version r665 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
better than mostTi_29 May 2015r665Yes