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Supreme Ice Bros

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


This hack is the second hack after Extreme danger bros and i’ts even harder… Changes:

  • Mario power is changed from fire to ice
  • Gombas is replaced by lightning fast ninjas (Cool)
  • Buzzy beetle & koopa troopa don’t get dizzy when you jump on them
  • Bowser graphic is replaced with devil Bowser
  • Bloober is disappearing in some stages (weird)
  • Ultimate hard levels (with hidden paths)
  • Cool new music

Stages list: 1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5, 2-1,2-2,2-3,2-4,2-5, 3-1,3-2,3-3,3-4,3-5, 4-1,4-2,4-3, 5-1,5-2,5-3,5-4, 6-1,6-2, 7,1.

Put your mind to the test and see if you can pass this hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Internal checksum 8A60
  • CRC32 C0FA0464
  • MD5 544311E104805E926083ACF29EC664DA
  • SHA-1 057ADA1C641E3E0B3CA34E6E4F4EB1B05A87143A
  • SHA-256 10ECCC5D2FAB81346DD759F6BE478DCB682EEF981E8D3D662DA176E1F9A996BC




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User Review Information

Unplayable in every sense of the term

Reviewed By: Agastya on 21 Apr 2015

Hoo boy. The screenshots are an afterthought, I do not care that much about this review to format them. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I assure you they are worth looking at. The goalpost of 1-2 can be overloaded by sprites causing Mario–Dan to be unable to complete the level, which admittedly is a blessing because it means you don’t need to play any further.

Alas, I am a curious mind, and sought out Game Genie codes to see more of the game. World 2 was consumed to make a “bonus world” which plays Cheetahmen music and asks you to dodge more fire bars than you’ll see over the course of the original Super Mario Bros. in its entirety, and also force you to stagger the points you load them so you can actually get past all of them. World 3 is the actual world 2, and at this point my memory is getting hazy because I’m trying to drown out the horrors I witnessed. 2-1 was unmemorable, but 2-2 was a massive screen-wide one tile underwater zigzag maze that asks you to climb to the top of the screen, to go to the bottom, to go back to the top, repeat about eight times, and then suddenly Mario was killed by an unseen force. On to the next world! World “4″ was copy-pasted levels from Super Mario Forever. Before I realized this, I went to go get another Game Genie code so I could just swim from this point on. I do mean entirely copy-pasted, as well. Except, of course, for the parts where pieces were missing from the level that allowed you to actually complete it, and then more walls were added because game design is DANGER X’s passion. 1-3 was missing, likely because it was a flat level with just Japanese text on it, so the hacker placed 1-4 there instead without a trampoline so you slide off to your death. I didn’t see what 4-4 was because 4-3 was impossible to complete with swimming physics and I didn’t hate myself enough to see if it was possible without them since that would have meant playing 4-1 and 4-2 again, and despite the length and details I am putting into this review I do not hate myself that much. Everything is just kind of meshing together into an amorphous blob at this point, full of swimming underneath levels, levels that couldn’t be completed, and turning on another Game Genie code to have partial invincibility to get past all the Hammer Brothers. All that I can remember about my feelings playing it was “why?” World 7-1 is one screen where you hit a switch and the princess tells you YOUR ARE a games master or something, I don’t remember anymore. Also challenge ultimate mode.

Devil Bowser was cool, at least. Shame it shows up in the majority of the levels in half pieces.

I sadly cannot give this game a recommendation worse than “No” but I hope this review still suffices in just how strongly I feel about how bad this is. Fully playing through this hack should be a sufficient enough punishment for bringing it into this tired world and I would not wish this fate upon anybody else who still has a speck of joy left in their lives.

Except for DANGER X.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Unplayable in every sense of the termAgastya21 Apr 20151.0No