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Final Fantasy Zz Hard Type

Hack of Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy Zz is a much more difficult version of Final Fantasy with a few enhancements designed to make the game more enjoyable and much more challenging. While Final Fantasy Zz is largely true to the original Final Fantasy, this hack contains multiple bugfixes, such as fixing the critical hit bug, the Black Belt armor bug, and some cosmetic bugs. There are also some improvements, such as the ability to buy 9 Heal Potions at a time, the ability to see what’s in a treasure chest without taking the item if your inventory is full, new magic spells, a slightly redesigned map, rebalanced classes, a few new monsters, and the ability to dash by holding the B-button. Many enemies have altered stats and some have new special attacks. For those of you who have beaten Final Fantasy 1, this hack should help spice up an old favorite and keep you on the edge of your seat! You won’t ever want to play the original Final Fantasy again after giving FFZz a try!


a. Enemy changes: Made some slight changes to some enemy stats, enemy AI, enemy names, enemy locations, and battle formations. Agamas in particular are more reasonable. Cetus is somewhat more difficult. Slightly lowered the absorb of some late-game bosses. The advanced Fang/Medusa encounter in the Volcano has been removed.

b. Treasure changes: Added two more Atlas Gauntlets and improved the treasures in the Ice Cave and a few other areas.

c. Magic and equipment changes: Replaced the Holy Sword with the Holy Mace, which can only be equipped by the RM and RW. The RM/RW can now equip the Iron Gauntlet. The Red Shield can now cast CALM when used as an item in battle. The Rogue Knife can now cast LOCK when used as an item in battle. The Shadow Armor now resists fire in addition to status magic. The Atlas Gauntlet now protects against poison in addition to earth, which should make this armor quite useful for Fighters and Black Belts in the Earth Cave and Gurgu Volcano. Increased the prices of a few items and pieces of equipment. Increased the power of POWR from +28 to +32.

d. Readme fixes: Corrected the Aegis Shield entry to show that it can cast XBAR as an item in battle. Corrected the QAKE entry to show that it can only be learned by the BM and BW.

e. Character changes: The RM/RW has been significantly improved. The RW can now learn HEL3 and BANE. The RM can now learn BOMB, but he can no longer learn ESNA until after the class change. The availability of the Holy Mace gives the RM a very good upgrade mid-game.

Please consult the readme for full details.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes CRC32: AB12ECE6 MD5: 9B0F042CFDC5F9E8200B47104A4768A9 SHA-1: 80CE108FBC066C985D4FB541BD68E9A7C8994FEB
  • FFZz is available as an .IPS patch which needs to be applied to a clean Final Fantasy ROM. Lunar IPS is a good program to use to accomplish this.




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User Review Information

Valiant attempt but misses the mark

Reviewed By: oubliette on 21 Mar 2015

It’s obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into this hack. Thus, while I feel bad giving a “No” recommendation, I feel it’s necessary. This is a hack that I frustratingly played to the end one time and gave up halfway through during a second attempt. And here’s why.

Perhaps it’s simply a design preference but I believe that when a hack is performed on a game, if the intent is to maintain the foundational characteristics that made it enjoyable in the first place, then those characteristics shouldn’t be tossed aside. Otherwise, you don’t have the same game at all. Essentially, the hack becomes a new game rather than a solid update or polishing of an original. I feel that Final Fantasy Zz Hard Type is a new game, and sadly, a worse one.

In Final Fantasy, a huge part of what made it so loved and so popular was its versatility in party arrangements. Players could have 4 Fighters. Or 4 White Mages. Or just 1 White Mage. And yet, every party the player could imagine still resulted in the possibility of winning the game. In this hack, due to the difficulty, there are only certain parties that are even possible to play. That limits the variation that made the game so compelling in the first place. Where’s the replay value in forcing the player to adopt the same party every time?

This is a problem that I see in many “hard” adaptations of games. And I really don’t like it. It eliminates the replay value and ironically kills off the thing that made the game enjoyable in the first place. I’m all for a game being more difficult. The entire Final Fantasy series is notorious for being too easy; all FF lovers are aware of that. And while I would love a more difficult Final Fantasy, I’m unwilling to sacrifice the versatility in choosing interesting and unconventional parties. It stops being fun when the designer is telling me what I can and can’t play yet gives me the tools for so much more.

Having gotten the major design issue out of the way, there are minor issues I have as well. Some items are completely useless (WHITE staff) and some have been removed despite being extremely useful in this setting (HEAL staff). Readme is incorrect in certain places (WALL says it affects whole party, it does not). Oh, and get ready to be petrified all the time. Just about every battle.

If you’re looking for a solid Final Fantasy hack, I can easily recommend GFF (Grond’s Final Fantasy). It IS a little easy but the design shows a clear attention to balancing and polishing. I would have loved this hack had it paid more attention that balance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, and so I can’t recommend this hack.

Version 1.51 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Perfect hack and rebalance for veteran playersShishi21 Dec 20182.3Yes
Valiant attempt but misses the markoubliette21 Mar 20151.51No
Highly recommended for FF veteransslartifer13 Jul 2014N/AYes
Great Hack for a Fresh PlaythroughDrag0nwind01 Nov 2014N/AYes