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Bionic Commando

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Bionic Commando is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Translation Description:

This is a complete re-translation of the original Japanese version of Bionic Commando. The official US release is notorious for its censorship and Engrishy script. This release should be the definitive version of the game for the NES.

This patch needs a headered ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Hitler no Fukkatsu - Top Secret (J).nes (with Header)
  • File CRC32: 4749E48F
  • File MD5: 8417E256EB37B5099642571E0A084BAE
  • File SHA-1: EFE084182014BF0FC984C6DF076BEB8849495157
  • No-Intro Name: Hitler no Fukkatsu - Top Secret (Japan)
  • ROM CRC32: 16A0A3A3
  • ROM MD5: C3FD72580C5CA25BCF5CD73674695E27
  • ROM SHA-1: 95B2782B26FD1CEF86997E59885358C410F832B0


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
PennywiseHackingHacking, Script Revision, Testing
EsperKnightHackingScript Extraction
FlashPVGraphicsPrevious Title Screen Design
M-TeeGraphicsTitle Screen Design
RyusuiTranslationMisc Spot Translations

User Review Information

The Most Important Translation in NES History!

Reviewed By: XDel on 05 Mar 2015

I have been waiting for years for someone to do this. In the past we got a graphic hack for the NES release that restored the swastikas, but that was all, the game play was never returned to it’s normal state, and no one ever stepped forward to make a translation. I presume that has a lot to do with the quality can capabilities of our ROM hacking tools? Well what ever the reason, a group has stepped forward and resolved this tragedy with a full translation of the Japanese original! As for the translation, from what I have played thus far, it is top notch and I have no complaints what so ever. Not only did they add a bit more passion to the dialog of the characters, but they also gave the German character an accent. On top of this, the graphics are as they should be, swastikas and all, and everyone’s name is returned to what it should be as well. More than that, the difficulty is a bit harder, and (drum roll please), you can once again torture captives for information!!! So to everyone involved with this project, let me say I am your biggest fan, and thank you so very much!!!

Version 1.02 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Unexpected BenefitElectric_Lizard24 Jul 20211.04Yes
The Lord's work is doneGhaleonUnlimited25 Jun 20191.04Yes
Loved seeing the restored game, lukewarm on the new dialogueNeoKobe12 Jul 20171.03Yes
This patch makes an already great game amazingtalbin21 May 20171.03Yes
Nintendo of America should have always been lenient instead of their strict kid-friendly policies.thepatrickinator18 Sep 20161.03Yes
Redefining a ClassicRodimus Primal07 Mar 20151.02Yes
The Most Important Translation in NES History!XDel05 Mar 20151.02Yes