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This is perhaps one of the best NES emulators with a debugger and a slew of other neat features. This emulator is still being developed so you can expect more things in the future.

Source code is also included.


User Review Information

Almost definitive NES debugging tools

Reviewed By: Corvo on 15 Feb 2015

I hacked and translated SD Hero Soukessen completely just with FCEUX, so I have to recommend this. For small projects, you can even do the hacking completely on FCEUX, save for editing tiles. It’s very easy to learn and use, and the way everything is graphically represented just makes it easier to manage.

I usually compare other debuggers to FCEUX, because it was one of the first I used. It’s mostly complete, and very easy to use.

Version 2.2.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
BESTTeeporage77721 Dec 20172.2.3Yes
Almost definitive NES debugging toolsCorvo15 Feb 20152.2.2Yes
The best & most compatible emulator to date for NES ROMS!mrrichard99927 Feb 2013N/AYes