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Excellent program to extract text from the game, edit, and insert it back. The new version is even better and more convenient. For correct work with the Japanese text, you should install Japanese language support in Windows. Also included are Greiver’s C Plugins with documentation. This program also has language options to use it in English, Russian, and Portuguese.


User Review Information

A step in the right direction

Reviewed By: Corvo on 14 Feb 2015

Kruptar is a welcome addition to the extractor/inserter toolset. If you’re looking for a quick editor and have a little time to invest on learning all of its options, you’ll find it’s one of the best tools available right now.

It’s not without its drawbacks, though. My main gripe with this program is that trying to change the codepage after you’ve already saved a project won’t do anything. Since this can be quite a bother for a Japanese translation, I recommend you change the codepage before doing anything else, or the kana won’t display correctly. Also, the options are quite literal (non-descriptive names), and you’ll have to test them out to see what they do.

It has a plugin system, although I’ve never seen much work done with it. Probably because this tool is not that well-known.

The source code was released by MagicTeam a few days ago, so I think we’ll see quite a lot of improvement in script editors from now on.

Version Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A step in the right directionCorvo14 Feb 20157.1.1.17Yes