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Dragon Warrior 3 Hardtype

Hack of Dragon Warrior III


This hack is designed to revive an old classic with some new balance features and a much higher difficulty.


  • Enemy stats generally increased, particularly their damage.
  • More thorough redesigns for late-game enemies and bosses.
  • Merchants now enhance the party’s item drop rates by an average of 50% and increase gold by an average of 25%. They can also use Falcon Sword, have substantially improved stats, and can wear much more equipment than in the original game. Plus they can activate almost any spell-casting weapon in the game (and there are more of these than in the original game).
  • Wizard’s early game spells, spell learning rate, and agility have been improved substantially, but their late game performance is largely the same as before.
  • Soldiers now gain bonus defense equal to level/2+2.
  • Fighters now have more claws and are more offensively oriented.
  • Pilgrims now have better physical damage output.
  • Goof-Offs now have improved equipment selection and stats, though still don’t perform optimally in combat.
  • It is now possible to class change into Goof-Off.
  • Equipment re-balance plus NEW equipment, such as the evasion-granting Dark Robe, the fire-resistant Wool Robe, the crit and miss rate altering Gambler’s Turban, the powerful Icespears casting Fangs of Fenrir claw, the luck granting Blessed Helmet, and more! (see below for more details)
  • New drops from enemies and higher drop rates across the board (see below for details)
  • Class changing from a 0 MP class to a class that gains MP now starts you with an amount of MP based on your Intelligence.
  • Golden Claw curse is now only in effect in the room it is found in and the claw casts Bang when used in combat.
  • Parry/Fight and Hero’s 8 spells bugs removed.
  • Cursed equipment is no longer destroyed when uncursed, and has also been made more useful, having some new, powerful, and unique effects to accompany their downsides (see equipment lists for details).
  • When enemies are immune to a spell, flavor text now informs you that the enemy is immune.
  • Seeds of Vitality and Intelligence now grant HP and MP proportional to the Vitality and Intelligence they give.
  • And much more!

Class, Equipment, and Enemy Drop Information

New in v2.2.0

  • Endgame boss gauntlet made *slightly* less difficult
  • Fighter’s endgame HP improved
  • Wizard’s endgame HP and agility improved
  • Goof-Off’s stat growth and equipment options greatly improved
  • Various Pilgrim spell MP cost reductions
  • Zombie Slasher and Dragon Killer bonuses reworked
  • Golden Crown, Dark Robe, and Shield of Strength now offer some resistances
  • Cursed equipment rebalance
  • Some other minor class and equipment rebalance
  • The king of Romaly no longer reclaims his crown
  • Staff of Change can now turn you into an elf (bugfix from the original game)

New in v2.2.1

  • Fixed a bug where a confused ally would sometimes cause errors.

New in v2.2.2

  • Fixed a bug where Soldier wrongly couldn’t use some equipment.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File Name: Dragon Warrior III (U) [!].nes
  • No-Intro Name: Dragon Warrior III (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File MD5: 3EF863D2DF43E805BAD70F74F0CCD909
  • File SHA-1: A867549BAD1CBA4CD6F6DD51743E78596B982BD8
  • File CRC32: 0EB63E83
  • ROM MD5: 16A03048CE659D3D733026B6B72F2470
  • ROM SHA-1: E58B61B031A9F0DC168525654BCB9883EF61A976
  • ROM CRC32: A86A5318



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Excellent For a Fresh Playthrough

Reviewed By: Drag0nwind on 06 Aug 2015

Okay, finally got around to finishing Zombero’s latest patch and had a lot of fun, so thought I’d create a new review.

I recently played DQ’s DW3 SNES translation, which was cool, but it was nice to come back to the root game. Can’t get enough of the original version.

To begin, I liked the small changes to things like vendor prices, spell costs, all the new items (especially the end-game helmet, original had barely any helms) and even the Wizard’s Ring change was interesting.

At first, I was upset with the nerf to Monster Gambling, but I came to appreciate it, since it keeps you out in the field slaying monsters. I gambled a small amount, but was glad to that you weren’t able to easily gear up.

Another thing I was sad about was the Golden Claw change. I suppose it’s fair for Fighters though and you’re able to use the sight-blockers in dungeons for XP grinding, so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Also, the Item Drops and drop rates are epic too. Had good fun farming a few things. I got lucky with some items, so that was awesome. When you’re questing it’s always a nice surprise to find something cool. By the way, in the documentation, it says the Staff of Muspell can only be equipped by Sg and Wz, but my Pg was able to use it.

There is a lot of great stuff in Zombero’s hack but I’ll wrap up this review with the Gauntlet, since that is one of the biggest highlights. It’s really enjoyable and a vast improvement over the original. I personally would have given Gonus a bit more health, but I guess you can only cram so many Wizard’s Rings into your inventory, haha.

Always loved facing Zoma, especially with his epic music. He’s quite the beast and I had to level up a a couple times before I sealed the deal. Loved that battle though, it was great. The only thing I cringe to see is when Zoma spams his debuff ability twice in one round. I know it’s a bonus turn, but I feel that the Master Archfiend wouldn’t waste his turn like that! Zombero suggested facing Zoma without the Sphere of Light for an extra challenge. I might try that sometime, seems like it would be quite the battle!

Alright this review is longer than intended, so I’ll just say that this new patch was outstanding. Stayed true to the original game and all the small changes, item drops and boss changes really made it a fun experience.

Recommended if you love DW3 as much as I do.

Thanks for the fun quest!

Version 2.1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Brilliant changes, good difficultyTrevormark28 Aug 20232.2.2Yes
A rewarding and challenging rebalanceretrohacknerd01 Apr 20232.2.2Yes
An amazing hack that breathes new life into the gamerchassereau314107 Nov 20222.2.2Yes
One of the best « hard type » hackGrandpaf21 Jul 20202.2.2Yes
Excellent For a Fresh PlaythroughDrag0nwind06 Aug 20152.1.2Yes