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Final Fantasy IV

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Final Fantasy IV is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

This is an English translation the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV for the SNES.

This translation is very impressive, especially with the 3.21 update that fixes lots of bugs and makes the translation near-perfect. Of course it’s received tremendous criticism due to Trainspotter’s script revisions; apparently some people demand an untouched Japanese game to play in English.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev 1)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • File MD5 2EA432C7E25DBA5375F22CC6547B2C42
  • File SHA-1 3C896B9D8CCFB3433810139EE18467AA435AC2E2
  • File CRC32 48449269
  • -
  • (Headered)
  • ROM MD5 A2959AD8C1FF5F2719264AB4C7E40464
  • ROM SHA-1 EAC14578B3465FFCE874119005F9B244E8565A79
  • ROM CRC32 CAA15E97


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AnusPHackingText replacement, script formatting, font designer, assembly programming
Blasted2HackingText replacement, web maintainer
necrosaroHackingText replacement, script formatting/insertions, tool and assembly programmer
Dark ForceHackingAssembly programming
P-FunkHackingAssembly programming, text replacement
Ian KelleyTranslation
TrainspotterScript Editing/RevisionScript revision, translation

User Review Information

Thanks to Legends of Localisations, the truth behind this retranslation is proven

Reviewed By: Bregalad on 06 Dec 2014

Back when this retranslation was released I was really excited, finally we could experience the original “Final Fantasy IV” in english and on the SNES.

I didn’t play the whole game with this hack, but I did quite a few hours, until reaching Mystidia.

The first problem I had is that the textboxes are too wide, they are even wider than the screen itself, making part of them hidden on real hardware (PAL console). The command boxes in combat are also much wider than in the original game, which is weird, but not quite as bothersome.

I do not like very much the 8×16 font that they used very much, as this is not faithful with the original, but this is purely personal tastes.

It was however easy to overlook those smalls problems and enjoy this “retranslation”, until the real problem until this retranslation has been revealed, much more recently, thanks to Tomato, webmaster of “Legend of Localisations”, that took an extremely detailed analysis of multiples verisons of FF4, including this one. I must thank him very much for revealing the truth.

This retanslation is just a big fat lie : This wasn’t even a retranslation in the first part. They took the original (translated) scripts, added a lot of insults, bad mouthing, bad talk and swearing to give it this “uncensored” feel, and added some lines randomy to characters, to give this “wow and we didn’t even know that” feel.

The idea of this retranslation was to make people believe that Square purposely censored the game a lot, and removed storyline elements. And this worked well, until the revelation of Tomato. It is true that there *is* censorship and some lines that were taken out, but this retranslation does not add *them* back, it adds other lines in, making the result even less faithful with the original.

Again thank you very much Tomato and no thanks for J2E, you lied us for over 10 years, congratulations for tricking everyone, but now the joke is over.

Version 3.21 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Don't play this translation unless you want to ruin the gameT2904 Apr 20223.21No
Too reliant on pop culture to be goodRibb25 Feb 20193.21No
Gave me what I wantedPOWCo-op24 Feb 20193.21Yes
Play Namingway Edition or Project II insteadBahamut ZERO08 Oct 20163.21No
Unfortunaltely, J2e Translations was a bit naive this time.thepatrickinator02 Oct 20163.21No
How To Ruin FF4 in Just One Simple StepCavery21005 Apr 20163.21No
Thanks to Legends of Localisations, the truth behind this retranslation is provenBregalad06 Dec 20143.21No