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Rock and Roll

Level Editors


Rock and Roll is a comprehensive editor for the NES game, Mega Man.


User Review Information

A True Example of How Level Editors Should Be

Reviewed By: Megafield64 on 21 Oct 2014

This is by far one of the best level editors I have used so far. Just about everything within the game of the first Mega Man (both the US and Japanese version) is editable in this single program. Not only will this enable a game designer to edit every level in the game, but this also allows the damage data of each boss to be changed, all of the palettes are available to edit within this utility, and it even provides the option of choosing which music track will be played in each level.

There are a few things missing. For example, this utility cannot be used to change the text within the game. Fortunately, most of the things it can’t be used can be easily edited within a standard hex editor or graphics editor. Every programmer that is creating a level editor for any game should use this as the role model for his/her project.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A True Example of How Level Editors Should BeMegafield6421 Oct 2014N/AYes