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Zelda A Link to the Past Master Quest

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


(From Ver 1.0)

I took the concept behind Ocarina of Time Master Quest and came up with this version of Link to the Past- Master Quest!

The dungeons are now harder. Bosses are also harder. As far as I’m concerned, only two holes lead you to debug rooms, but I’m not fixing those because you have to be brain dead stupid to fall in them.

The game is completely playable.

One last note: The last release promised that it could be mixed and matched with the “bonuses.” I’m afraid I made an error. I’ve made versions of the Master Quest patch so you can now, indeed, play as OoT’s Link. There’s different versions of it, fixing only hair, hair and tunic, and complete- as well as the untouched version (meaning only Master Quest).

Well, have fun and I hope to enjoy this version of Link to the Past!

(What’s fixed)

The compass in the Desert Palace is there now. Also, the missing keys in the Forest Dungeon and the Ice Palace are back in there. I played around with some minor things, mainly jokes… cluck?

Fixed the Ice Rod Cave and 2nd Light World Dungeon… At least, I’m sure about the Dungeon, not the Ice Rod Cave.

New graphic hacks (not really, but I think these WILL be mix-and-matchable)

NOTE: There is one problem with the first dungeon of the Dark World. When you exit the dungeon, all the locked doors you opened will lock themselves up again. I haven’t been able to check out this bug myself, but it was reported. I might look into it some day… So for now… Try not to die at that dungeon! ;) ~Moulinoski

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The - A link to the past [U] [!]
  • CRC32: DD42510E
  • MD5: 1A74468291B02729329DD1357AFB45AF
  • SHA-1: 8288B4BC88052A3CF4EFFED3ACD6A498847BFB95
  • SHA-256: D9C69C5270B2F7EAC54F254688A43CC767FD5CB4F21FC079A0F9FBE09978EAEC




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User Review Information

Nothing new and glitched

Reviewed By: puzzledude on 24 Feb 2014

This is one of those hacks, that’s probably been done in a matter of hours. The game is identical to A Link to the past, with such minor changes, that they are insignificant to the gameplay: in 99 percent this involves adding spikes on the floor or spike blocks.

In some rare occasions new holes were added, which are bugged, since when you fall down, you are suddenly in a room, where you shouldn’t be or in a death pit of spikes. The problem could be solved easily by rather respawn the player to the entrance door of the current room.

Some other changes involve updating sprites to more powerful ones and putting in new sprites, which are bugged (false gfx number actually). This can again be solved easily by changing the sprite gfx number. The author didn’t realize that some sprite combinations are impossible: thus you must not put the Beamos in the same room as the Uncle. But this game does just that, making the Beamos glitched.

Another problem is the glitched title screen and naming screen. It is thus impossible to input the name correctly. This is actually a result of the non-standard rom-size. This could again easily be fixed by putting the size to exactly 1,5 or 2MB using hex.

In the Water temple of the dark world there is again a glitch. If you die in this dungeon, the first key-door will be locked again, but the chest with the key will be empty. This breaks the entire game and the player can not fix this in any way, but to use the Cheat for the unlimited small keys (if he knows how to do that). The same problem with the first dark world dungeon for all key-doors! This basically means you must not die in any of these two dungeons.

The overworld is a 100 percent copy of Alttp. Not one tree or bush location or palette was changed, and not one gfx dot was redrawn, which makes the game even more uninteresting to play.

The item locations are also identical, which goes for the small keys too. All together there are only 2 small keys under jars, which were moved (within the same room).

All together this game is not worthy of its title. It only brings in a lot of new bugs, while it practically changes nothing (aside changing floor into spikes).

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Nothing new and glitchedpuzzledude24 Feb 2014N/ANo
Very little new contentDMoogle01 Apr 2010N/ANo