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Ogre Battle Hardtype

Hack of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen


A difficulty and re-balance hack of Ogre Battle that makes very extensive changes. The primary goals are to add difficulty to the game, resolve class balance, and encourage usage of multiple units, but many other alterations have been made, including: two new classes (Diana and Siren), massive buffs to large units, no more tribute gold (this limits access to healing), units are now free to deploy and upkeep, many changes to class stat growth, abilities, resistances, and more!


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ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • CRC32 A9F14211
  • Ogre Battle (U)




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User Review Information

Raises difficulty with better strategic options

Reviewed By: HatZen08 on 12 Jan 2014

The hack raises the difficulty of the game. To compensate the difficulty, it balances the units and adds better strategic options for them. The hack is recommended for experienced players who understand the game mechanics. Unexperienced players may not enjoy the difficulty.

The units don’t need money to upkeep or to deploy. However, cities don’t give money as well. Without the cities monetary support, the ability to buy items is limited. Unlike the original game, the player can’t buy large amounts of restorative items without going bankrupt.

The enemies formations were changed or updated and they are more challenging. The player needs to know the game mechanics and to think strategically with the intent to destroy effectively the enemy groups. If the player doesn’t kill all enemies in the group, the remaining enemies will retreat and the enemy group will be fully healed. The enemies groups will effectively respawn forever until the entire group is killed.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Raises difficulty with better strategic optionsHatZen0812 Jan 2014N/AYes