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Mega Man C4

Hack of Mega Man 4


This is a redone version of Mega Man 4. All levels have been re-designed

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Megaman IV (U) (PRG0) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: ADBD4E48
  • MD5: 7521EB54199F73CB04E1CCDD15CA971D
  • SHA-1: 2AE9A049DAFC8C7577584B4B9256F7EF8932B29C
  • SHA-256: E4105D20F6B2E8F16317B173BD4DE96DCA0D102C225959C073A9E8C673E59D33




User Review Information

Not horrible

Reviewed By: Classicwolf on 09 Dec 2009

It’s pretty good, for a basic pallette and stage design hack. The game is not UNbeatable, though I am a little annoyed at one part in Frogman’s stage; but the color pallette is actually well thought out, and easy on the eyes. It has a very fickle difficulty, which fits the design and it works well. It’s a hack of my favorite in the series, so it’s a long time coming for me, and it turned out well. Work on changing the abilities that you get, slightly, and tweak the bosses a little more, although I did notice an a.i. aggressiveness increase for the Robot Masters.(did I?)

All in all, not the best hack I’ve ever seen, but not bad at all. I like the way the stages flow, but there are admittedly a few parts that SEEM to be broken, but they are just more challenging than usual. It’s unfortunately the same game in terms of Robot Masters… Supped up MegaMan 4: MegaMan C4 Score out of ten from me: Gameplay: 7/10 Graphics: 7/10 Story: 4/10(The further it is from the original, the higher the score is.) Fun factor: 6/10 Yes it’s fun, but it has a bit of an Surly attitude for it’s difficulty. Difficulty: 9/10 (The more challenging it is compared to the original, the higher this is.) Likeness to original: 4/10 (The further the hack is from the original game, the higher this score is.) Total: 6.6/10 Average hack A little buggy, but shows some effort.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Buggy and unfinishedmegarobman06 Oct 20211.0No
Not horribleClassicwolf09 Dec 2009N/AYes
Mega Man C4 Reviewinsectduel28 Jun 2008N/ANo