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Super Bomberman 2 Go For Pro Edition

Hack of Super Bomberman 2


Super Bomberman 2 Go for Pro Edition - Patch is for Super Bomberman 2 (U)

This is a hack that has been worked on for a few years. It focuses mainly on multi-player additions. The changes are listed below.


  • Added Item select - Each stage has a different set of items. You can now select what item set you want to use on any stage.
  • Added Character select - On the screen that you press select to switch colors (and set cpu/man/off) you can now hold Y and press select to switch to another character. It will show you what character you are, using the sprites on the bottom. Left to right. 1st player to 4th player.
  • Added ability to switch between two alternate versions of stage one - You hold R for one stage or L for the other stage during the stage load. It will select other versions. Hold it until the match starts. You only have to do this once per set of matches. These stages have openings that send you to the other side of the stage(like Pacman). They close at hurry up. Again this only works on stage one.
  • Edited tiles for stage one to look like Zelda.
  • Added Link character.
  • Added the ability to kick bombs faster and slower - If you hold R you kick the bomb faster. If you hold L you kick the bomb slow. Nothing for normal speed. You need to be holding the button before kicking the bomb. You need the kick item for this to work.
  • Added new item - It gives you two bomb items. Only in item set one. You drop two separate bomb items when you lose the item.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Bomberman 2 (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 9C1F11E4
  • MD5: 0990CDA295BD51587C6E3F173BDADBA8
  • SHA-1: 14E4D0B3D00FD04F996EEA86DAA485A35E501853
  • SHA-256: 0A4B4A783A7FAF6ADA3E1326ECF85DE77E8C2A171659B42A78A1FAE43F806CA6




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User Review Information

[v1.1] A Bit Disappointing...

Reviewed By: Josephine Lithius on 04 Nov 2013

I think I set my sights too high when I downloaded this ROM hack.

The good stuff about this hack is the major upgrades to Battle Mode. With the ability to slightly alter stages (once per-battle set) and more control over kicking bombs, matches are sure to be far more interesting than they were before! The ability to change what set of items you can get independently of what stage you select is also a huge plus and the ability to add warp zones (a’la later games) to the sides of the stage is pretty neat. The Double Bomb power-up, though, I can take or leave. It probably makes for faster matches, but it seems like an unnecessary addition.

Now for the bad stuff. The trade-off for picking and choosing item sets now is, oddly, losing the ability to choose CPU opponent difficulty. This tells me that the patch was geared more toward human players than anything, which make sense. I was also hoping that with the addition of the character select hack, you’d be able to play as the Dastardly Bombers. Sadly, the only additional character the creator added was (for some bizarre reason) Link, from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Some of the palettes look rather bizarre on him and he, along with the graphical revamp/overhaul of Stage 1, seem entirely unnecessary and pretty silly.

All in all, I feel this ROM hack has its up and its downs, but for the most part, it’s just a good place to start on a much more complex Battle Mode hack. More characters, new stages, and maybe even some new items (which aren’t just duplicates of existing items) would really make this hack shine!

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Fun & Creativerafaelhelano29 May 2014N/AYes
[v1.1] A Bit Disappointing...Josephine Lithius04 Nov 2013N/ANo